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12 looks with new Lush eyeliners

The #LushMakeup range is about to get a whole lot bigger with the launch of 12 vegan and cruelty-free eyeliners in hues of blue, green, purple, metallics and classic black.

With a soothing base of organic jojoba and Fair Trade organic aloe vera gel, this liner will glide on seamlessly and be extra gentle on your delicate eye area. Finishes range from matte to gorgeous shimmers (packed full of plastic-free glitter) all packaged up in glass bottles - fight plastic pollution and look good doing it. 

Want to see the eyeliners in action? The #LushMakeup team created bath art on their faces, paying homage to bath bombs we’re saying goodbye to with makeup looks using the new range!


Blue Skies bath bomb - Cowrie eyeliner @jessatlush

When it came to this look, the sky was the limit. A pop of blue applied to the lips accompanied by fluffy white clouds using Feeling Younger skin tint across the nose and cheeks brings this discontinued bath bomb to life! To finish the look Jess added a slick of Cowrie eyeliner, using Get In There small liner brush, applied under the brow for next level liner.


Cyanide Pill bath bomb - Murex eyeliner @lush_fernanda

Fernanda added a dash of dazzling silver eyeliner across the skin and lips to capture the stunning sparkle unleashed from within Cyanide Pill bath bomb. She applied Murex eyeliner with Hey Big Blender brush to create this killer look.


Golden Pear bath bomb - Venus eyeliner @megatlush

Golden Pear bath bomb may be gone, but this look will ensure it’s not forgotten. The gorgeous golden pigment in Venus eyeliner glides seamlessly on and around Meg's eye creating the appearance of gold leaf, a look fit for anyone's inner goddess.  

Meg used “Wing It” brush to draw the shapes on the face, “To the Point” for the placement of products and “Hey Big Blender” to blend Venus out around the eyes and cheeks. 


Magic bath bomb - Abalone eyeliner @lush_rachelisabel

Rachel made magic with Abalone eyeliner, painting the lid with an aqua hued dramatic cat-eye using Get In There small liner brush to outline and Blur In Love pencil brush to fill in. Accompanying with a purple tight line, this makeup encapsulates the powerful and unique elements of Magic bath bomb. 


Ne Worry Pas bath bomb - Periwinkle eyeliner @maddieatlush

Not sure how to rock a purple liner? Ne Worry Pas! Maddie nailed it with sleek lines and dot work using Periwinkle eyeliner and Get In There small liner brush, and for an extra pop of purple, the liner was brushed through the brows! 


Secret Arts bath bomb - Auger eyeliner @pipinapeperina

We’ll let you in on a secret… Cleo and Suzie from our makeup talent pool created this abstract statement look on Virginia using Auger eyeliner. The deep black pigment brushed across the skin and smudged around the eyes using Hey Big Blender brush brings the mystery of Secret Arts bath bomb to life. Robin glowstick across the skin gives the magical pink shimmer for even more depth to the final result. 


Shijimi Butterfly bath bomb - Ceriths eyeliner @emmcquade

Emerge from your cocoon a beautiful Shijimi Butterfly bath bomb with the help of Ceriths eyeliner. Suzie blended the bright blue hues of the eyeliner on Emily with a black liner to create the butterfly wings around the eye using Wing It and Get In There liner brushes - it adds a whole new meaning to winged liner!


Hi Ho Silver bath bomb - Calico eyeliner @mathemateacal

It will be ho ho silver liner everywhere you go now! Ria applied a thick wing across her lids using Calico eyeliner and Wing It liner brush - the slate grey with lilac undertones works perfectly with the pops of purple and silver lightning bolt. This look is certainly striking! 


Ginger Ninja bath bomb - Junonia eyeliner @lush_vorn

Vorn took inspiration from Ginger Ninja bath bomb to accomplish her fierce and fiery eyes. Lining Junonia eyeliner across the lid with Get In There small liner brush and paired with Lush Lipstick in Lahore on the lips and Riga on the cheeks gives real spicy vibes!


Sushi bath bomb - Coquina eyeliner @suzieshamblesmakeup

Feel like you’re on a roll with your eyeliner skills? This Sushi bath bomb inspired look with a metallic edge is for those who want to make a statement. Suzie grabbed a bottle of Coquina eyeliner and Get In There brush to frame the eye with bold lines of colour! 


Little Bottle Of Calm bath bomb - Tellin eyeliner

How did Cleo get those beautiful blue freckles? Now that would be Tellin! A sprinkling of shimmering, blue across the nose using Get In There small liner brush and a slick across the lips for a perfectly pastel pout, Cleo's makeup creates the perfect picture of calm and serene. 


Ylang Song bath bomb - Jujube eyeliner

Yumi painted her face with a look that is truly everlasting. High shine Jujube eyeliner applied to the lids and undereye with Get In There eyeliner brush and blended out brings Ylang Song bath bomb to life. Wearing this eyeliner is the one time it’s okay to be a little green-eyed! 


Check out all our new vegan eyeliners here >


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1 Comment


about 3 months ago

It would make sense if you showed the product itself. Is this a liquid eyeliner in a pot with a built in brush or what?
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