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25 Years of Lush

From humble beginnings in Poole, UK in 1995, where our first soap moulds were drainpipes and cat litter trays, we’re now a much more sophisticated operation (honest!) with over 900 Lush shops across the globe

As part of our 25 year celebrations we’ve released a brand new Lush Times newspaper, where you will find some of our most iconic products and the stories behind them. We didn’t have the room to fit in the six hundred or so products that exist in the Lush range, so we’re sharing the tantalising tip of the product iceberg and showcasing some of our most beloved cosmetics.

In this special anniversary issue we also share some of the ways that Lush has evolved over the last 25 years - we’ve been busy! We learned to adapt to confront challenges head on, to create a sustainable business through fair trade and responsible buying, and we are still striving to lead the cosmetics revolution to save the planet!

We have selected some choice articles from the newspaper for you to check out here online if you’d like to take a peek...
Plastic free shampoo: Love is in the hair 
A Lush bubble bath
Keeping it fresh!

When you get hold of your physical copy, you will see icons we have scattered throughout that you can scan to discover bonus content. Simply scan them with the Icon Scanner feature in the #LushLabs app to see where they take you! Download Lush Labs here.

To get your free copy, head to your local shop and pick one up or if you’re ordering online, simply tick the Lush Times box at checkout and it will be sent directly to your door along with your Lush goodies!


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1 Comment

about 2 months ago

I don't wear make up very often, and still have some of your cosmetics....
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