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Ain’t no party like a Restart party

Tools at the ready, people, because Saturday 20th October is International Repair Day 2018. For the second year in a row, this global collective of makers, creators and rule breakers are gathering to fix up treasured tech and gadgets for members of the local community.

Fix up, look sharp

Co-founded by The Restart Project and Open Repair Alliance, International Repair Day is a celebration of true DIY spirit. This people-powered co-operative actively encourages us to take matters into our own hands, learning how to fix broken electronics in a safe and relaxed environment. And since 21% of people’s smartphones have a cracked screen at the moment, with a further 89% of them eventually ending up in landfill, maintaining our own devices could offer a very real solution to the well-documented e-waste problem

Fight for your right… to repair stuff

This year, the campaign will also be focusing on our Right to Repair, pushing for legislation to have access to more parts and information, as well as encouraging companies to consider more repair-friendly designs for devices at the design stage. Sounds helpful, right? Unfortunately not everyone sees it that way – in fact, the UK government, along with the German and Italian governments, are trying to block efforts at a European level, essentially preventing products becoming more repairable and easier to disassemble. Thankfully, The Restart Project has launched an urgent petition, which you can take a look at and sign.

Knowledge is power

Show your support for International Repair Day by heading down to one of the many Restart Parties, Fixit Clinics, Repair Cafes, or independent repair shops (or set up your own Restart Party if you can’t find one nearby). Once you’re there, a team of knowledgeable volunteers – also known as Restarters – will help you tackle everything from toasters to tablets. To date, over 4,300 devices have been fixed, with a further 1,400 being safely recycled. Visit The Restart Project to get involved.

About the author: Sarah Gane is a freelance writer, editor and content strategist based in the UK

Restart project at the Lush Showcase
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