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Air Travel and Carbon Tax policy

Lush UK has operated an Air Travel and Carbon Tax Scheme for over four years.


Lush UK Carbon Tax scheme

  • When Lush UK people use air travel, we calculate the Carbon generated.
  • We ‘tax’ ourselves at a rate of £50 per metric tonne.
  • The money from our Carbon Tax is used to fund climate change and transport campaign groups.

The Lush Carbon measurement includes

  • CO2 emissions
  • The warming effect of aircraft engine exhaust gases on the Earth’s atmosphere.
  • The damage  to the atmosphere, caused by aerosol gases created by aircraft engines.

How do we calculate our Carbon used?

  • 1 mile of air travel = 0.87 kilograms of Carbon.
  • 1 kilometre of air travel = 0.54 kilograms of Carbon

Example of Carbon calculation

  • Flight to Madrid - Flight distance is 1543 miles
  • Carbon created is 1543 miles x 0.87 kg = 1,342 kg
  • 1,342kg = 1.342 metric tonnes
  • Carbon Tax is £50 per metric tonne
  • 1.342 metric tonnes x £50 = £67.10

Carbon Tax from this flight payable to Charities would be £67.10 

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Comments (3)


about 1 year ago

This is a fantastic policy - and great to see that Lush is prepared to pay £50.00 per tonne. Our Project in the Bolivian Amazon has been working with smallholder producers for over 10 years and produces emissions reduction certificates certified by either Plan Vivo or Gold Standard. How do we present our project to be included in Lush's offsetting programme?


about 3 years ago

Hi! Does the travels only applies business travels or private flights as well?

Lush Customer Care

about 3 years ago


This applies to any time that any of our staff members fly for work purposes.