All set to Co-wash

‘Only’ is normally synonymous for ‘You’re not going to like what’s coming next’. You only just made the meeting on time. Children-only on the swings. The box set you want is only available in America.

Conditioner-only washing (a.k.a. Co-Washing) is the exception. It’s a fantastic way to fully cleanse hair without stripping it of moisture. Afro hair, mixed-textured, very curly, coloured or heat-styled hair is particularly well-suited to switching their usual routine for co-washing.

Raring to co

If you are keen to get started, you’ll need the right conditioner (using just conditioner can often feel a little strange at first, like brushing with your non-dominant hand). On your search, here’s four super ingredient types to look out for: 

Emollients: These include shea butter, nut and fruit oils, wheat germ etc. They have a softening, smoothing effect on the cutice and reduce frizz. 

Proteins: Not just for the gym-goers and heavy lifters, wheat, wheat germ or soy protein coat the hair shafts and protect it from damage. Humectants: Popping honey on your toast is sweet, but popping it on your head is even sweeter. Honey, panthenol and vegetable glycerine absorb water and lock in moisture. 

Moisturisers: Add suppleness and shine with ingredients including amino acids and aloe vera. The good news is, you probably already own a conditioner that would work well (just check to ensure it doesn’t contain silicones which impart shine but build up overtime to leave hair heavy and lacklustre).

The new release Avocado Co-Wash is crammed with cupuaçu and Fair Trade Organic cocoa butters, fresh avocado and extra virgin olive oil for sleek, hydrated hair. The sweet scent of olibanum and bergamot, reminiscient of freshly cut limes, will linger in hair all day long as you do.

In good condition

  1. Wet hair thoroughly, then smooth Avocado Co-Wash over; you won’t need much, just a light slip.
  2. Massage gently in as you would shampoo, allowing your fingertips to cleanse the scalp and root area.
  3. Spread the co-wash (you might need to slip on a little more at this point) through to the tips of hair using a wide tooth comb or your hands.
  4. Rinse thoroughly. If you have particularly coarse or curly hair, you can try experimenting with leaving the conditioner in for 5-10 minutes or rinsing lightly to leave a fine coating on the tips of hair?

Summer is all about getting out of your comfort zone and heading off on adventure, so why not try Co-Washing for a summer swap to your daily routine?

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