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Art, as told by Adam Wilson Holmes

Adam Wilson Holmes is an emerging fine artist, working with illustration and performance.

Focusing on themes of gay culture, personal experience, sexuality and the male form, Adam has already produced a wide range of work, exhibited several shows and has been involved in numerous collaborations. 

This is art, as told by Adam.


Art is...

Art is a way for us to scream our voice in the most authentic of ways. Art becomes the artists language, a tongue that speaks to each of us differently. We all have our own personal context; the life experiences and moments that make up all we are... To me, Art is the expression of this.

The creative world's best-kept secret
A controversial character who still manages to impress me and still pops up in the public eye to this day is Paul McCarthy. Not McCartney, McCarthy! You can see all he feels and thinks in everything he does. That kind of fearless honest expression, even if being an unpopular opinion and vision, is golden in this world. One piece you might remember is his blow up Christmas Tree public sculpture, that was vandalised and deflated in Paris October 2014.

Free expression
I find it most important to express yourself as free as possible, but over the years I have come to the understanding that people reject what opposes their own ideals. As artists and activists we have to be intelligent in our delivery if we want our message to be received. I believe if there are enough of us out there creating art to make a change, we can create a positive social dynamic, no matter how diluted or rose tinted.

The power of the artist
I think artists are the scribes of the people. Soaking up contemporary life; speculating, scrutinising, and celebrating all that we feel as a society. In the same way News broadcasts actual events and happenings, artists broadcast a much deeper understanding on those same events; that people look to with a sense of community; to bring them comfort that they’re not the only one that feels the way they do. Not only do the artists connect us, they also challenge us, and sometimes stands uncomfortably at our backs, so we step forth.


You can find Adam and his work on his blog Puer Aeternus and his Instagram page

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