Art, as told by Charley Robinson

Art, as told by opens up the boundaries of art, making it accessible to everyone.

Charley Robinson is an artist and designer, working in surface pattern and textile design, taking inspiration from film, emotion, and perfume.

This is art, as told by Charley.
Art is..

Art is the freedom to explore your passions, fight for what you believe in, work through emotions and comment on the wider world.  It's universal, it breaks down language barriers and differences in experiences.
Art is communication. It's a form of narrative, which allows a journey of discovery. To me, my art has always been a way in which I could express feelings and figure out the answers to questions, much like a math equation. Art is manner of working out of life. It allows us to question what we feel, what we see and the raw reality of life; weather this be through song, painting or even a film. Art acts as a vessel to evoke emotion and thought, without overthrowing the viewer with data and information.
The creative world's best-kept secret

Neil Hilborn is a poet who really speaks to me at the moment. When I first discovered him it was through his poem 'OCD' - it was around the time my health was fluxuating and I felt disconnected and misunderstood. A chronic illness that is invisible is especially hard to communicate and you can begin to question what you feel. The rawness of 'OCD' was something that connected with me and brought me out of my headspace and back into the world of creation.
Free Expression
I try to work in a balanced way. I'm happiest when my work and the work I produce for others function together side by side. 

Sometimes the balance is just right, then there are times where the freedom can be a little daunting. That level of trust is something you have to get used too. It certainly pushes you outside of your comfort zone, but what comes from it is something that has a life of its own.
The power of the artist

The artist is a storyteller and in some ways, the modern explorer. Art is found everywhere; on the books you read, within the film you watch and even on the walls you casually pass by on your way to work. The artists provide a format to communicate the world which needs to be explained and explored. 

I find it hard to imagine the world without art or the artist. While you may not always agree with what is produced, it will always make you feel something and think about what you're looking at from the perspective of someone else. The artist can not only communicate and comment on the world as it is but also have the power to create a vision of how the world can be.

From my perspective, art and the creation of pattern has the power to communicate a sense of self; it’s the power to tell the world who you are.

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about 2 years ago

In need of some Charley Robinson knottwrap designs!

about 2 years ago

This is WONDERFUL! Your art is beautiful and your talent is going to benefit the world in a big way xxx