Art, as told by Dan Smith

Spoken word and rock music? Listener are the band for you. 


Before joining us on the Gorilla Gallery Volume IV tour, to perform in Berlin, Germany, Listener's vocalist, bassist and cornet playing frontman Dan Smith shares his view on art as a concept. 


Art is...

An extension of a person, usually about a feeling.


The creative world's best-kept secret

Buddy Wakefield. He’s a poet from the US (Seattle currently) and is an amazing writer and performer. He’s a rarity in the world of art and words, and one of those people that paints feelings and thoughts with what he says in such a way that isn’t comparable to anyone else that I’ve heard yet.


Free expression

That can be a hard one especially if you have a mind for marketing, and you make art for a living….but I guess that can be a nice challenge too aside from the art, to make art that is freely 100% from you without pressure from outside sources and also marketable and something you can earn a living from. I guess I see art as something that’s challenging…the making of it, and once that is done taking a break and then challenging yourself to find how to put it in the world. You can’t make people enjoy it, but you can curate your art and be smart about how you release it and how people consume it.

The power of the artist

A role just like any other trade, maybe less important than most things, but artists are important nonetheless.

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