Art, as told by Danielle de Picciotto

Danielle de Picciotto is an American artist working with film, music and performance.

In 1989, along with Dr. Motte, Danielle founded the first Berlin Love Parade

Danielle now works with her husband Alexander Hake, creating music and travelling the world. Their latest album ‘Unity’ brings together throat singing, spoken word, electronic bass and soundscapes into a collection of meditation soundtracks.

This is art, as told by Danielle...

Art is...

Art and spiritually are two areas in our society which should never be concerned with money. If they are done to gain a profit with, they are no good and do not fulfill what their responsibility is: to elevate man outside of himself and achieve a larger or more in depth view of life with all of its facets. With this, I do not mean that as an artist one should not be able to live off of one's art, quite the contrary, but the art itself should come out of an impulse that does not have that in mind.

Art is a force which can heal, inspire and create great change. It is an energy that needs to be set free so that it can create its magic and every artist's endeavour is to find the point and area in which he can set it free. Art is an area in which no excuses, compromises or corruption can take place - it is ruthless and expects to be taken very seriously- only in this way can it become a symbol or truism that can carry people out of their everyday treadmill into a realm of dreams, hope, peace or just simply reminding them about what is really important in life.

The creative worlds best-kept secret?

Lary 7 is an NYC musician, photographer and artist that has been working since the early eighties. He is a NYC legend and has worked with Björk, Matthew Barney, The Swans, Einstürzende Neubauten and much more but is so shy and modest, that he is hardly known outside of the city. His sound art and photography are all done analog with old fashioned cameras and recording equipment out of the thirties and forties and have a sound and look which cannot be found anywhere else today. He does installations and concerts which are magical.

Free expression

As an artist I do not try to ask myself if people will enjoy my art - I do not consider myself an entertainer or commodity. If I manage to create art that carries some kind of universal truth, people will always be attracted to it.

The power of the artist

If artists manage not to be corrupted by the greed and power games that are being played everywhere they will become more and more important in helping other people become more independent of this as well.

There is more to life than power and wealth.


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