Art, as told by Greg Bailey

Greg Bailey is a photographer and Editor of queer supporting, self published zine Alright Darling.

Alright Darling is an artistry packed publication, highlighting talents within the global drag, art, music and fashion communities. 

From questioning sexuality and gender, the international night life scene to everything RuPaul's Drag Race, this fanzine has it all. A must have for all queer supporting individuals.  

Discover art, according to Greg.

Art is...

On the surface, art is can be perceived as decoration, embellishment, something to bring happiness to the viewer. But on a deeper level, especially if you are the one creating it, Art is an extension of who you are. I think everyone has that want to be noticed, admired, or to feel validation in some way, Instagram and social media, in general, is a prime example of that global longing. Creating art is a more productive and celebrated way of fulfilling that need. Art says “This is me, I was here.”

The creative world’s best-kept secret

David Lachapelle. David’s photography and videography have been a staple feature in modern pop culture for the last 20 years or so. If you don’t already know him by name there is a huge chance you unknowingly love some of his work, whether its an amazing music video in the mid 2000’s or a mainstream fashion campaign. His work is beautifully staged and saturated in colour, and is known for referencing other works of art from neoclassical paintings to the works of pop art legend Andy Warhol. His work and the impact it has had on the world of photography is so inspiring to me.

Free expression

Luckily the kind of work I do focuses on a subject that is hugely embraced and celebrated, which is the drag and LGBTQ+ entertainment scene. So balancing expressing myself and creating work for others isn’t really an issue I deal with. The real task though is trying to capture an image of a recognizable face in a different light, to create an image that can stand out amongst all the other great photographs of that person.

The power of the artist

Artists, specifically artists who are media based, are messengers of information. Their work shapes that message to have a designed emotional response from the receiver. Artists and creative people are integral to today's society, they have the gift of seeing the future and the ability to shape our present with that knowledge, they make life more palette-able, more manageable, more beautiful, artists are the true influencers of the world.

Art says “This is me, I was here.”

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