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Art, as told by Jackie Oates

Jackie Oates is a folk singer with a voice reminicsent of your favourite lullaby.

Signed to ECC records, her voice has pleased a thousand ears. A unique sound, combining English ballads and haunting vocals, Jackie Oates brings once lost music to the forefront of English folk revival.

This is Art, as told by Jackie Oates

Art is?

Art to me is the means to express emotion and creativity, and to inhabit a sphere which is separate to the everyday realm of living.

The creative worlds best-kept secret

Megan Henwood from Henley, Oxfordshire. Asides from being one of my most magical and precious friends - Megan's song writing is incredibly eloquent and emotive. She has such an ability to create beauty and empathy with words and melody, and to give timeless human experiences an air of wonderful/enticing melancholy.

For me, this colours life a bit more and makes everything feel more vivid and fragile. I'd recommend listening to the songs  'Head, Heart, Hand', and 'Chemicals'

Free expression

I enjoy the challenge of taking what I have experienced to be enjoyable to an audience, and twisting and adapting it so that it fills the space that my imagination is currently in! My music tends to flow through different phases according to where I'm living and who I'm spending time with and being influenced by. As a folk singer there are various ways in which the genre is both staid, and open for adaptation.

The power of the artist 

Today more than ever, it is the role of the artist to transport people to another place; to provoke emotion, to unlock or to uplift someone outside of their current preoccupations. I think that this enables people to understand that life is to be reflected on and enjoyed.

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