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Art as told by Jenifer Toksvig

Writer  Jenifer Toksvig gathers stories, tribes and yarn, to make theatre, discoveries and hygge.

At the Lush Summit, you may have caught her poem “What They Took With Them - a List”, a spoken word piece inspired by the first-hand testimonies of refugees forced to flee their homes. In 2016, it was made into a film by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and Facebook to promote awareness of the global refugee crisis.

This is art, according to Jenifer

Art is...

If it can be said

that all of existence

is comprised of Art and Science,

then Science is the substance,

and Art the binding agent.


The creative world’s best-kept secret

Our own self as artists.

To my knowledge,

there is currently no political society on Earth

which adequately acknowledges,

or appropriately provides for,

the fact that Art is the binding agent

for our own perception of ourselves,

for our connection to others,

and for our own experience of living.


Free expression

There is no balance to be struck.

Although there are many reasons why

I might look in certain places for a story,

from personal intention to commercial opportunity,

only some stories will ever be noticed by me,

and only some of those successfully gathered by me.

Although there are many people

to whom those stories might be then offered,

only some people will notice them, and

only some of those will successfully connect with them.

The power is with the stories.

Mainly, my role is to open a path.


The power of the artist

To emerge (from within us all).

To respond (where we notice).

To act (where we connect).


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