Art, as told by Jordan

Punk icon Jordan is a legend in her own right.

Working for Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren in the infamous ‘SEX’ shop, she dressed the youth of 1970’s London with a focus on freedom of expression through personal style. A bold visual style which became the well known ‘punk’ style.

Whether it was appearing alongside the Sex Pistols, staring in Derek Jarman’s ‘Jubilee’ or managing Adam and the Ants, Jordan’s perspective of art and creative was always the same; be yourself and don’t be ashamed.

This is art, as told by Jordan

Art is…

Art to me is any way a person might wish to express their inner feelings or thoughts to others. It is a way of purging and sharing at the same time and it may take many forms, be beautiful, ugly, brutally frank but most of all amongst this hopefully thought provoking. The feelings evoked from any form of art are to be interpreted by the person viewing it.

The creative world’s best-kept secret

The artist I would think that has been very influential and still is and that I would like to more people to know about would be Jamie Reid. His use of imagery e.g. the iconic and hard hitting prints and slogans that he used were quintessential to the punk movement in the early 70's and he continues his work up until this day.

Free expression

I think there is no connection between the creation of art and any concern about it having to be necessarily pleasing or enjoyable to other people. To worry about this aspect of self expression would defeat the object if free expression and put unnecessary constraints on the artist. Beauty and pleasure are in the eye of the beholder.

The power of the artist

The sphere of Art in today's society has expanded enormously and with that the artist’s role has too. Multi media art, music, film, dance and readily available and easily sourced works on the internet have made art in today's world so much more accessible and resources that may have once been prohibitive are no longer so.

As a footnote I believe that art together with literature of course are the most important way of creating a historical timeline that leads us to the future. It’s our way of learning and appreciating what has gone and what is to come

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