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Art, as told by Kris Rochelle

Spoken word and rock music? Listener are the band for you. 

Before joining us on the Gorilla Gallery Volume IV tour, to perform in Berlin, Germany, Listener drummer Kris shares his view on art as a concept. 

Art is...

I suppose, to me, art is something that is created that moves someone or stirs something up inside of them. At least, that's the art I like the most. 

The creative world’s best-kept secret

There are so many that I feel people need to know about. Someone I've been admiring a lot lately is John Davis (Superdrag, Lees of Memory). I was just telling someone yesterday that I think he's one of the most underrated songwriters in 90's rock. He's gone on to do rad stuff after the 90's also, obviously! 

Freedom of expression

I think it's pretty easy for me. I don't think much about what people will like, because the music I write isn't too "artsy" or hard to digest. I mostly worry that what I write is too cliche or bland or pop-like. There's already enough anxiety rolling around in my mind without worrying about how people will respond to the music I write! 

The power of the artist

I think they have the same role as anyone: do the most good that you can, do the least harm that you can, and do the best you can at whatever you feel you should be doing.


Listener join Gorilla on the 10th of August for a special performance at our Gorlla Gallery Volume IV European tour. More details of the event can be found here

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