Art, as told by Les Jones

Les Jones is a photographer, designer the creative mind behind Elsie Magazine

Les created the magazine on his own and has maintained it solely ever since - living proof that anything is achieveable if you put your all into it.

We were introduced to Les and Elsie at Elsie Magazine Live; a place of discussion around inspiration and productivity in print media.

This is Art, as told by Les Jones

Art is…

Art is transporting you to a different space
Art is what stirs you emotionally
Art is what fires you with inspiration
Art is being in awe of another’s talents
Art is the stick that pokes your mind
Art is what challenges your beliefs and preconceptions
Art is entertainment

I see more of that type of art on the streets than I do in the large institutional galleries, where I find that, more often than not, the high brow intellectuality of the curators is completely out of synch with their audience.

The creative worlds best-kept secret
Artist: David Shrigley - whose mind and way of thinking is completely unique. Funny, thought-provoking and sometimes downright weird. But his one-man exhibition in LOndon a couple of years ago was a joy.

Alan Fletcher, I love his worldview and his fascination and enthusiasm for everything he sees. His book - The art of `Looking Sideways - is a constant source of inspiration. I also love his uncluttered simplicity

Another Creative: Neasden Control Centre : is the name that a designer/artist called Stephen Smith works under. He works across design, magazines, interiors - I love freedom of his work - check it out.

Musician: One’s you might not have come across - Ron Sexsmith (great singer songwriter from the U.S.), Tom Waits has been a favourite for over 35 years, and Bonobo - great chill-out electronics.

Free expression

It’s always an interesting line to follow. I tend to lean towards doing what I want and hope that others will like it. If I worry too much about an audience I find it restricts my creativity.

The power of the artist

That’s a good title for a book and I could take that amount of space to answer it.  I think art has a huge role to play in every aspect of society. Firstly in enriching our minds both visually and intellectually. But it also has a role in helping us to be individuals. It’s a shame that art is being squeezed out of the school curriculum, because it has the power to influence so many aspects of a child’s development. In modern business, what’s the one thing that helps businesses differentiate themselves?

To answer - creativity! Creativity is about challenging the status quo, it’s about looking at the world from different perspectives and coming up with different and better solutions - art has a huge role to play here - not just in producing works for people to see and experience - but also in encouraging everyone to find their inner artist and express themselves in their own unique ways.

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