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Art, as told by Plastic Crimewave

Art means many things, to many different people. It could be a blank canvas, it could be the spark that sets your imagination alight.

Plastic Crimewave, aka Steve Krakow is a graphic artist and musician who works in a comic book style he likes to call 'info strips'. Since developing the product labels for Gorilla Perfume volumes of the past, Steve's connection with Lush will forever be strong.

Performing as Plastic Crimewave, you can catch his musical set at the Gorilla Gallery Milan, where his unique take on music will come together with our own form of story telling, in a Volume IV launch party extravaganza. 


Art is...

It's just something I've always done, a compulsion to scribble and create - I know no other way


The creative world's best-kept secret

Visual artist: visionary illustrator and magician Austin Osman Spare

Musician: Australian pop primitivist Pip Proud

Movie: heady art film Chappaqua


​Free expression
I divide these two principles by visual art and music i suppose, visual art I want a polished illustration that conveys something specific and is seductive. Music I see as pure sonics that evoke a feeling, and structure and skill is not needed, just emotion and ideas.


The power of the artist

As arts funding continues to be cut, and art for art's sake devalued, it's more important than ever to take on the role of the artist/critic, especially with the current oppressive regimes.


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