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Art, as told by Sheema Mukherjee

Sheema Mukherjee is a musician and composer.

Known for her atmospheric Sitar playing, Sheema released her album titled ‘Sheema’ under ECC100 Records and it was their first release.

Sheema’s song “Sikkim Girl” inspired Gorilla perfumer Mark Constantine to create a fragrance of the same name.

This is art, as told by Sheema.

Art is…
Art is the expression of our imagination. As a musician and composer I am an artist. As a performer I am colouring the emotion of the listener, which is the meaning of the word Raga in Sanskrit. When experiencing a concert, exhibition, building, or book, for example, you come away with a different perspective which inspires thought, negative or positive, life altering of miniscule.

The creative-world's best kept secret

The book Das Parfum by Patrick Suskind (perfume-the story of a murderer): beautifully descriptive, sensual depravity.

Free Expression

It is hard not to express myself freely, no matter what the constraints, as I create from within myself. The music will always have my ‘stamp’. However, I do care about the listener too. In reality most art these days starts life as a contract.

The power of the artist

The artist has many roles in society, depending on who they are. For example, they can be reflective, innovative, and they create a sense of culture through their work. Artists tend to think outside the box and have a general openness to new ideas. I don’t think there is innovation without creativity, and anyway, if we all thought alike, is anyone actually thinking?

The role of the artist is also more recognised now than before. Many businesses are employing artists to benefit from originality, innovative, exploratory and unusual concepts.

Most recently, Sheema has produced a soundtrack to the new Lush Spa treatment Karma. You can watch her full performance of the soundtrack from the Lush Summit here.

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