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Art, as told by Si Phili

Si Phili is a UK rapper, known for his involvement with U.K. Hip Hop group Phi Life Cypher.

With Phi Life Cypher, Si Phili performed on an edit of Gorillaz well-known ‘Clint Eastwood’, which then featured on Gorillaz 2001 album ‘G-sides’.

This is art, as told by Si Phili...

Art is…

To me art is the skilled self expression of the way something makes them feel, be it in music, painting, sculpture, dance etc, a visible or audio representation of emotions.  

The creative worlds best-kept secret

An artist I think everyone should know about is Joyner Lucas. A US rapper with very deep subject matter with socialist views.

Also Lowkey for the same reasons.

Free expression

I find my balance by just doing me and doing what feels right. The way I see it, If i’m talking about real issues along with my own personal issues, other people will enjoy it as they will be able to relate to it.

The power of the artist

I believe artists have a very important role in today’s society due to how things are. I believe it’s our responsibility to be a positive role model to the youth as they are influenced by everything they see in the media. So it’s up to us to provide them with knowledge as well as a good time.

Kick the truth to the Youth.

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