Art, as told by Spraychild

Spraychild is an up and coming London based street artist, working with stencil based media.

A developing artist, Spraychild references iconic British imagery, taking inspiration from the U.K. punk rock scene of the 1970’s, the military and ‘skinhead’ culture

This is art, as told by Spraychild.

Art is…

Art to me is a form of personal expression, it's an extension of myself, everyone is unique, from the way we dress to what food we eat, the music we listen to and observing general social culture. Art is just another way of showing what I like and who I am.

The creative world’s best-kept secret

I find myself involved in street art due to the artist Pike 169 TCF (The Chosen Few).

It was after seeing a piece of his that made me try this style of work. From that moment on I have been hooked and experimenting with different techniques and paints, to see what I prefer. I have taken it from a sketch pad in my lounge to the streets of London and in the last six months, my work now lives on walls around the world.

Pike 169 TCF has been a great support and given encouragement along the way. Through him I have met amazing artists and developed friendships with people who share the same passion of street art.

Free Expression

I have multiple outlets to my art, one is commission based so the public can order work from me directly or through Not On The High Street and the second is through my street art. 

Using multi-layers stencil art gives me the freedom to create the image I want to see. These are then shared in public graffiti spaces round London. I often share them with other artists around the world, who'll paste them up in other public spaces.

The public work is very personal. If you start to attempt to please people with street art you loose the value and context of the pieces. There's a genuine vibe translated into the work. Disagreements and opinions come with the territory. 

I've found myself gaining a public following through the work I put out on the street. The return through Instagram has been great; people are sending me photographs of them interacting with my 'Press To Reset the World' piece. 

Power of the artist

Artists have an important role in today’s society. It’s freedom of speech, as long as you're respectful where you voice it. Legal graffiti walls in London are a huge help with this. I love walking around Brick Lane and seeing people taking photos of the artwork that adorns the walls and back alleys, it's a forever changing canvas for everyone to be a part of.

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