Art, as told by Tachowa Covington

Art can be found all around us, depending on your perspective. You could visualise a masterpiece in the way music plays or in the way someone speaks. It could even be hidden inside the often ignored.

Meet Tachowa Covington, aka Rollerball, a walking example of personality, perseverance and creativity. Tachowa set up home in an abandoned water tank, making it his own work of art, until it was tagged by Banksy and hit the media storm.

This is art, as told by Tachowa.

Art is…

Art is what you see. You can look around and see it. Art speaks for itself. It can come in a lot of different forms and fashions, so you can’t really put a certain gateway on it.

The creative worlds best kept secret

Mostly the oldies. The Supremes, Bill Withers’ ‘Lean On Me’, Phil Collins’ ‘In The Air Tonight’ and Paula Abdul's ‘Opposites Attract’. There are certain songs that give me the spirit of hope. Especially Louie Armstrong's ‘What a Wonderful World’.

Those songs get me in my right state of mind. I prefer to have only them to listen to. Michael Jackson has a lot of very beautiful things. A lot of his stuff has a lot of messages, which is what I like.

I like things that make you happy. I always choose happy music over violent music.

Free expression

Most of the things I try and create are to make people smile. People need to be more resourceful and not so wasteful. Nothing lasts forever. Being resourceful will help everybody instead of being so wasteful.

The power of the artist

The artist has the role to teach people a good, beautiful method of taking the stepping stones towards a good life. To show things that are beautiful, no matter what kind of artist you are.

Tachowa's story will be revealed in the upcoming episode of Samples of Society: Metamorphosis, to which you can watch the trailer here

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