Art, as told by Tori Scott

A Soul-baring singer and a sharp comedian!

We caught New York Cabaret artist Tori Scott in London, where she performing her show Thirsty! At the 2018 VAULT Festival with her three-piece band the piece goes on a musical journey of slurred autobiographical stories.

Art is...
Art, to me, is the expression of someone's imagination. It's visual, or it's emotional, it's raw or it's funny or all of the above. Art is creation! I would even go so far to say that I've met some bartenders in my day that are true artists with the things I've seen them make with gin and vodka.

The creative world’s best-kept secret
The downtown cabaret performers of New York City. There is so much talent in New York City, but unless you are a Broadway star, the coverage of these incredible performers is so limited. On any given night, you can see some amazing talent at Joe's Pub at the Public Theater, or down at Club Cumming...all in the east village.

Free Expression
The right to express my opinion freely, which I do in my shows through music and storytelling, is the foundation of my art. It's not high brow by any means and that's ok. I'm sharing relatable stories and opinions to help others say "oh my god me too!!". Free expression doesn't have to be some groundbreaking thought. There is no wrong or right way to express yourself. It's nice to remind people of that.

The power of the artist
As an American during a very unsettling time, I am seeing the power of art in a political setting. Art can create change and artists have a responsibility to document a moment in time.

When it comes to the shows I do, it took me a while to understand the power I have on stage. I take the audience on a journey of emotions whether it's through laughter or tears. And, I hope, the power I hold on stage brings them joy and inspiration when they leave to express themselves, to see things differently, and to appreciate a nice, stiff drink.

Image credit: Da Ping Luo

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