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Bare Necessities: What's In Your Parcel?

Lush believe in the naked truth. That means being proud of every step our products take towards your door, from ethically sourcing ingredients to creating reusable gift packaging. We’ve just made our mail order naked… and we want to shout about it from the rooftops!

The quest for the perfect parcel was passed down to Lush by our predecessors Cosmetics to Go. Back in 1988, Cosmetics to Go were paving the way for many of the iconic products and beliefs that make up Lush today; they were thinking outside the box and standing up for ethical and environmental concerns. They were also thinking inside the box, paying attention to the little details that made their products so unique… The only thing left to think about was the box itself!

This quickly became the goal of Lush co-founder Rowena who designed a suitcase style package ideal for showcasing the Cosmetics to Go products in shredded paper and decked in bright stamps and stickers.

Since that day, it’s been a journey that only leads up for Lush packaging. In 2006, customers bought Lush naked shampoo bars rather than packaged liquid alternatives, saving 3 million plastic bottles from being made, transported and disposed of. On 12th July 2007, Lush staff across 55 cities in the UK put their bravery on show and went naked to campaign against the environmental damage caused by excessive product packaging.

Now, we’re ready to unveil a new packaging innovation. We’re going to be shipping our solid products straight to you naked (don’t worry about the squidgy and delicate ones, they’ll still have biodegradable, compostable cellulose wrap). This may seem like a small change, but it will save more than half a million cellulose bags a year!

The transformations go beyond minimising product packaging. We’re also utilising even more of the sheet board in manufacture, which means that our boxes will use less cardboard and generate less waste whilst still being made from 100% recycled material. That includes the seal, which utilises a water-based glue. The cherry on the cake is that they are just as tough and durable as they were before.

Upcycling and reusing is a key Lush value and so, in addition to minimising the amount of cardboard used, you may have also noticed the beautiful designs on the box containing your Lush haul's. London based graphic designers MinaLima have worked hard to make a box so special that customers would simply have to keep it, and reuse it again and again!

Opening up your box, you’ll find your fresh naked products protected and separated by recycled cardboard dividers to stop any colour blending. They’ll be safely nestled in eco-flo chips, a fantastic alternative to polystyrene that has a potato starch base; this makes it biodegrade quickly in water and soil. 

Even your What’s in my parcel leaflet will be printed on double-sided 100% recycled paper.

All this gives you the freedom to start sending birthday gifts in their birthday suits, giving presents with a clear conscience and treating yourself to a bath without unnecessary, environmentally-damaging unwrapping. You don’t have to listen to us if you don’t want to… the real proof is in the packing.

This may seem like a small change, but it will save more than half a million cellulose bags a year!

Comments (65)

about 2 months ago

While I completely appreciate the thought and process behind the packaging free concept, when ordering items like a bath bomb as a gift, it looks pretty unprofessional to not at least wrap it in the paper bags you get in store. Plus it’s nice to have the label that explains what the item is.

about 3 years ago

When people are buying Lush products as gifts for people, due to the unique nature of the products, the lucky recipients do need some kind of explanation as to what the products are and how to use them. People do expect and require products that are going to be presents to arrive 'presentable' especially for the price of them. I have a big box of naked bath bombs and bubble bars that are xmas presents and it is looking like I am going to have to wrap them in bubble wrap or cling film and hand write labels for them in my not very tidy handwriting, I shouldn't have to do this, I am all for saving the environment but gift products need to have appropriate labelling and wrapping, even if its just some recyclable paper with a printed sticker. I don't see any prices reducing in line with the reduction on wrapping and labelling.


about 1 year ago

Probably a comment too late now. However some gifts actually come in Knot Wraps, they're the Eco-Way of wrapping presents, and if you ask in store or comment online they will send you their tags. There is really no need to rewrap a lush present, as it perhaps avoids the point of it being eco. However, if you download Lush Lab you can take or type any product name in, and itll show you- how to use, what's inside, how lush are 100% vegetarian and eco. Hope you have a great Christmas

about 3 years ago

I ordered them as gifts ! I needed them individually wrapped.


about 3 years ago

I second the suggestion of using a paper sleeve to keep bath bombs intact. It's inevitable that they will crack if handled the wrong way, and shipping produces lots of dust, but paper will at least hold the detritus in one place. I ordered a body scrub bar and it came naked...with peanuts embedded in the bottom. A paper envelope would have saved me some product that came off with the packing peanuts.


about 3 years ago

I ordered bath bombs and they shipped without any wrap on them. I believe that LUSH could put paper around them in order to keep them from creating such a mess in the box. I appreciate the nakedness, but don't appreciate the huge mess that comes inside the box, the cleanup I have once I open the box nor the fact that the colors from one bomb to the next completely stain the other ones.


about 3 years ago

I love the packaging(or the lack of it). The carboard box goes in the recycling & the foam into my compost bin.


about 3 years ago

I like the idea of limiting or eliminating packaging. The biggest caveats are with glitter products, such as the Golden Egg, and storage. I recently ordered from the Kitchen and ordered some other items as well, including a few Golden Eggs. I love the glitter, otherwise I wouldn't have ordered them, but it went EVERYWHERE. Onto and into the packaging of the kitchen items(Baby Face is now a golden full moon), onto my sofa, and even on the red carpeting outside of our flat door where the UPS guy set the box down for the signature(the box wasn't even open yet!). The second caveat, storage. I, and most other Lushies, like to take care in storing our goodies so that they stay as fresh as possible. What I see people doing on youtube, is wrapping their items in plastic kitchen wrap in order to keep them fresh and not contaminate the adjacent scents and to keep any oils from getting absorbed into other items. Wouldn't it be better for this reason, to have the items wrapped in the compostable clear cellulose? When I order from lush.de, they all come in it and it makes storing and being able to see what's in the wrapper so much easier. I actually wish if these were available in stores as well, instead of the paper bags. Speaking of the store packaging, is it really necessary to print out a sticker for each and every item? The sales associates must get asked that often, because I can hear the unfortunate sigh in their voice when I request to not have them, and they respond that they have to print them. There should be a code at the cash to scan...those thermal printed stickers are horrible for the environment. I'd rather just get an email with the product description/ingredients, or at least have it as an option since some people don't like giving out their email address.


about 4 years ago

My main reasons for buying products from Lush are that your ethics agree with mine and I completely understand the ethical reasoning behind packing our items in this way. Unfortunately I feel that this is an error as although the outer packaging was quite sturdy a few of my unwrapped products were broken and had crumbled enough to be almost non-existent so there isn't really enough to even use the bits in the bath! This won't stop me from ordering from Lush again in the future but I do feel that not wrapping the products is a big mistake - especially when you have gone from producing an easily recyclable newspaper to a very thick catalogue.


about 4 years ago

I ordered from last week and it came on today :) I am very very happy now! I definitely to buy again! Because I am from Isle of Man! I use go to Lush shop in Manchester every year! So I am so happy for shopping online and shipping to Isle of Man! Thank you to amazing staff!
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