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A bath for every season

Craving the comfort of a warm, spicy, soak, or fancy a zesty dip to get your blood pumping? Whether it’s two degrees outside, or 22 there’s a bath for every month of the year. Let’s make it a date!



It’s New Year's day and the back-to-work apprehension sets in, washing over fuzzy heads that are weary from the party season. So why not unglue yourself from festive T.V. for just half an hour to hydrate skin left thirsty by the cold weather, and run a bath to banish the January blues?

Take a dip and feel the embrace of cocoa-soft water. Place your Butterball in the bath and watch it bob and gently fizz; an act of mindfulness to quiet a busy mind. This understated bath bomb is packed with cocoa butter pieces that melt in the warm water, soothing sensitive skin and leaving it remarkably smooth. Used in aromatherapy to ease stress and depression, heady ylang ylang will push out negativity and blanket you in floral comfort.

Feeling better for that? New Year adventures await you and your skin is ready to take on anything.


Sex Bomb

By the time February rolls in most of us are in need of a little lovin’. Those long, cold nights are perfect for…dips in cosy baths of course! Whether you choose to go solo or sidle up to somebody for a shared soak, sink into a sensual sea of pink and fall in love with bath time again.

Place Sex Bomb in the steamy water and lie back in this bath of alluring florals. Sensual jasmine unfurls to ease stress and ensnare with it’s aphrodisiac qualities. Clary sage clears the mind and ylang ylang tempts the senses, adding a heady backdrop, while softening soybean flour creates luxuriously milky waters to leave your skin feeling effortlessly silky. The delightful climax? A rice paper rose drifts atop the water reminding you that the best things come to those who wait.


Guardian Of The Forest

The days are getting longer and the morning’s brighter. Greenery creeps back into the trees, everyone seems to have a little more spring in their step and the sight of sunshine lifts spirits.

Allow the verdant greens of Guardian Of The Forest to transport you to scenic woodland walks, a carpet of foliage spreading from beneath your feet.

The woody, energising aroma of cypress oil marries seamlessly with warming rosewood oil and grounding oakmoss absolute to capture a liquid landscape dappled with mossy greens that draws you into the sunlit heart of a tranquil woodland. Take a deep breath and draw in the scent of a new season as it comes back to life.


Cheer Up Buttercup

Spring has sprung, and flowers paint a riot of colour all around - now is not the time for mellow yellow! Cheer Up Buttercup is the perfect accompaniment to longer days and brighter skylines. Bring the sunshine into your bathroom by introducing this petite treat into a bath of warm water.

Bright lemon myrtle refreshes while zesty lime gives a tart and juicy edge. Neroli provides a crisp note and assists in picking up your mood and helps you keep your chin up. If you’re longing for sun splashed days and childhood nostalgia this is the ideal playmate to make sure that your bathtime is as carefree as these spring days are sure to be.



Awake to sunbeams streaming through the curtains, stretch limbs, blink eyelids and slowly roll out of bed and shuffle into the bathroom. Perhaps May bank holiday awaits you and the anticipation of the three day weekend ahead fills you with elation. Whether it’s family time spent on the beach or BBQs with friends, start your day with a bath to ease you into the busy bank holiday-filled month of May.

Before the day gets too hot, run yourself a deep bath. Place a Sakura bath bomb in the water and watch pastel shades erupt. Breathe in the tropical mimosa fragrance. Sweet, floral clouds rise and fill the air, while woody undertones keep you grounded and rich, sensual jasmine notes and cheerful orange flower absolute lift your senses into rapture for absolute bathtime bliss. A deeply cleansing bath bomb, Sakura will leave your skin feeling refreshed and your mind energized.


Dragon’s Egg

The Summer solstice is on its way and June marks the start of the festival season. Embrace your inner hippy and dance naked into golden sunrise baths and through forests of juicy bergamot. Before setting up camp in a muddy field, why not treat yourself to a pre-festival bath? (Because let’s face it, how much washing will actually happen once you’re there?)

A riot of confetti, shimmer and crackling popping candy Dragon’s Egg bath bomb will create bath art that leaves you feeling festival ready. Swirls of vibrant orange and a core of liquid gold creates the kind of revelry you can come to expect from hedonistic celebrations. When it comes to fragrance, the sherbert aroma of lemon and bergamot oil is softened by heady jasmine and makes this bath bomb the perfect pick-me-up, so you can psych yourself up for party time and get stuck all that festival mud!


Big Blue

It’s the peak heat of Summer and that big yellow ball seems to chase you down making it difficult to seek shade and keep your cool. Even the most serious of sun catchers are feeling the heat and after a long day in the sun a bath might just be your saving grace.

Run a lukewarm bath and take a dip in the great unknown. Place a Big Blue bath bomb in the water and watch as it lets loose mineral-rich seaweed that softens in the water, moisturising the skin. The water becomes a vibrant turquoise, fine sea salt cleanses and hydrates and a burst of lavender and lemon oil refreshes and cools, balancing the skin and calming the mind.



If you’re feeling a little rosy cheeked from the sunshine, let peppermint oil and lavender cool and soothe. The following bath bomb will let you retreat from the heat of the scorching midday sunshine.

Let your bath become a space shuttle, by placing an Intergalactic bath bomb in the water. As it fizzes and pops you’ll cross galaxies, whizz through black holes past shooting stars and sink into the cooling cosmos where refreshing peppermint and juicy grapefruit invigorate both body and mind. A rumble of popping candy fills the bathtub, while vetivert and sandalwood calm and tone. The water comes alive with swirling solar systems; sparkling and stirring, whilst hypnotising colour mesmerises and clouds of fresh mint clears the sinuses.


Yellow Submarine 

Summer’s not over just yet! Keep on glowing with some truly tropical bathtime indulgences. As things begin to quiet down, set sail into a sunshine paradise where sunsets and sandy shores fill your bathtub.

Watch as a Yellow Submarine bath bomb propels itself around your bath, leaving a frothy trail of pink and yellow bubbles as it goes. Breathe in coconut scented sea spray whilst sitting on the coast of your own personal island paradise. As your Yellow Submarine melts into a breathtaking sunset, Brazilian orange, lemongrass and coriander seed oil invigorate your senses like a cooling dip in the ocean. *Only available as part of the Happy Bathday gift set


Secret Arts

When you’re feeling like heading over to the darkside be sure to dabble in all things mystical and cast this jelly bomb into warm water. Longer nights call for locking yourself away and taking wickedly decadent baths to warm even the blackest of hearts.

As the witching hour draws closer be sure to relax for a spell with Secret Arts jelly bomb. Sure to spellbind, cinnamon leaf oil stimulates circulation while sodium alginate creates the perfect hydrating texture for winter parched skin. Almond essential oil ain’t no trick, and treats your nose to a delicious aroma that is lifted by brazilian orange oil.


The Experimenter

Bathe in tie-dye waters before wrapping up in big wooly jumpers, bobble hats, and heading out to bonfires in the crisp cold. From the comfort of a candlelit bath, revel in your own personal Experimenter firework show. This smoky but sweet bath bomb crackles with popping candy as it dissolves in a riot of spiraling colour.

Tonka and vanilla work in tandem to add a burnt toffee sweetness, while vetivert provides grounding tranquility to the heart of this smoky bonfire fragrance. This sparkler of a bath bomb will sure go off with a bang and give you the colourful display of your dreams. You’ve never seen a show quite like this!



Christmas can be a hectic time; a balancing act of shopping bags and organisation, last minute present panics and food hauls, so slip into a soothing bath and forget about the nut loaf and brussel sprouts (for now at least).

Lavender has long been linked with relaxation; used in aromatherapy for years as a natural stress reliever it can help lull you into a soporific slumber, reducing anxiety and quieting a busy mind. Indulge in a lavender filled bedtime routine for a sound night’s sleep before the frantic rush of Christmas day.

Sit back in the warm water and let a Twilight bath bomb roll and tumble around your bath, releasing fizzy pastel pink and purple clouds of sweet tonka and mollifying lavender. Heady ylang ylang transports your mind to care-free shores, whilst benzoin resinoid eases muscles and relaxes mind and body. Breathe in deep and set sail for the land of sleep.

If you are without a bath or would rather treat yourself to a few hours at the spa, then check out Tales Of Bath, an ethereal treatment where a regal bath and a sleep inducing massage awaits you. Find your nearest Lush spa here.

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