Be inspired: knot wrapping

Make your gift-giving extra special by wrapping with a reusable knot-wrap. Knot-Wrapping guru, Dan from Lush Liverpool Street, demonstrates some effective techniques to make your gifts stand out from the crowd.


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about 4 months ago

I have looked at the links on youtube and there do not seem to be any for the knot wrap handbag, so i would still join the crowd and wish that the video on the Lush website was a bit slower

Jess Gon Sas

about 11 months ago

When you buy the Knot Wrap does your purchase comes wrapped or just like another item? I would like to send a present straight to the person.

Lush Customer Care

about 11 months ago


If purchased with an online order the Knot-Wrap would come packed with all the other items.


about 11 months ago

Yeah! Please can show us how to do it in real time? This is such a great alternative to wrapping paper!

Lush Customer Care

about 11 months ago


Hi there thanks for getting in touch there are some great videos available on YouTube on how to tie the knot wraps I have added a couple of links for you.

Loopy Lu

about 1 year ago

Super speedy. Like way too super speedy. Now can you actually show us how to do the knot wraps please? In. Real. Time. Thank you!

Charlotte Bennett

about 3 years ago

What a show off haha! That's amazing! I love the knot wraps :)


about 3 years ago

Knot wrapping is such a lovely gesture, so much nicer than wrapping paper. Reusable in so many ways!


about 4 years ago

Is there anywhere we can see these done in real time (instead of sped up.) I love knot wraps, and would love to make more interesting wraps with them.