Be inspired: knot wrapping

Make your gift-giving extra special by wrapping with a reusable knot-wrap. Knot-Wrapping guru, Dan from Lush Liverpool Street, demonstrates some effective techniques to make your gifts stand out from the crowd.


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about 2 months ago

I have looked at the links on youtube and there do not seem to be any for the knot wrap handbag, so i would still join the crowd and wish that the video on the Lush website was a bit slower

Jess Gon Sas

about 9 months ago

When you buy the Knot Wrap does your purchase comes wrapped or just like another item? I would like to send a present straight to the person.

Lush Customer Care

about 9 months ago


If purchased with an online order the Knot-Wrap would come packed with all the other items.


about 10 months ago

Yeah! Please can show us how to do it in real time? This is such a great alternative to wrapping paper!

Lush Customer Care

about 9 months ago


Hi there thanks for getting in touch there are some great videos available on YouTube on how to tie the knot wraps I have added a couple of links for you.

Loopy Lu

about 1 year ago

Super speedy. Like way too super speedy. Now can you actually show us how to do the knot wraps please? In. Real. Time. Thank you!

Charlotte Bennett

about 3 years ago

What a show off haha! That's amazing! I love the knot wraps :)


about 3 years ago

Knot wrapping is such a lovely gesture, so much nicer than wrapping paper. Reusable in so many ways!


about 4 years ago

Is there anywhere we can see these done in real time (instead of sped up.) I love knot wraps, and would love to make more interesting wraps with them.