Be part of the Re-generation: Spring Prize 2019 launches

The Lush Spring Prize 2019 has officially launched, and with it come opportunities to be involved in social and environmental regeneration

“What kind of world do I want to activate with the power of my attention? It is a world where everybody is involved in Regeneration.”

These are the words of Lush Spring Prize judge Daniel Wahl, at last year’s final event. The panel he was a speaker on was in agreement - it is time to do something about the destruction of our planet, and it is everyone’s responsibility to take action. We are, Daniel says, the “Re-generation.”

The Lush Spring Prize 2019, coordinated by Lush and Ethical Consumer Research Association, has just been launched at the Lush Showcase in Manchester [24/09/18]. For a third consecutive year, the Spring Prize will support projects across the world that are working towards environmental and social regeneration with a £200,000 prize fund to be distributed between 11 projects across four categories.

People from anywhere in the world can now apply for the Prize, and there is also the  opportunity to become a Lush staff or Lush customer judge.

The Prize

At last year’s Lush Spring Prize conference, the winners and judges made it clear that there is an urgent need for humans to change our ways and transform our impact on the planet into something positive.

Lush Spring Prize judge, Dorothy Guerrero, says: “If we can make the progressive popular, and the popular progressive, then we have won.”

Last year, the winners came from all across the world, including India, Malawi, and Brazil, and are working on a range of issues that threaten the planet. One winner, Center for Justice and Human Rights of the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua (CEJUDHCAN), is defending and empowering Indigenous Miskito people in Nicaragua, who are facing violence as they defend their ancestral land. On the other side of the world, AgroEcoPolis is inspiring positive change and championing community-driven food production in Greece.

Now it’s time to find next year’s winners. Applications are now open for 2019, and there will be prizes of between £10,000 - £25,000 across four different categories: Intentional Projects, Young Projects, Established Projects, and the Influence Award.

Projects and organisations have until 10.00 GMT 9th November 2018 to apply, using this  application form on the Spring Prize website.

Once the judging panel has decided on the 2019 winners, the Spring Prize will culminate in a conference and awards ceremony in May, at Emerson College, Sussex. Prize winners and judges will all be welcome to attend. This is a chance to celebrate, a chance to hear about the winning projects, but above all a chance to share skills and experience, and raise awareness of Regeneration and its crucial role in the world.

Be a Judge

Alongside international experts in their fields, there’s a chance for a Lush customer and Lush staff member to take a seat on the judging panel and be a voice for the public. Applications are open until 12th October 2018, and it all begins with an application form.

Would-be judges don’t need to be experts, just passionate about Regenerative practices. And it doesn’t hurt to have an understanding of ecology, environmental science, energy or community support.

Alongside being on a team rewarding projects that push the boundaries of sustainability, there are some practical considerations. Judges need to be available to read a shortlist of all the applications (around 50), must be able to read and speak fluent English, and must be at least 14 years old. They also need to be available for the judging session in London on 8th and 9th February 2019. All travel costs and expenses will be covered, wherever in the world the successful applicants reside.

To apply, fill out the application form, explaining why you’re the right person for the role.

Find out more about the Lush Spring Prize

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