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#BeCrueltyFree – What’s new with New?

New shampoo bar is changing its appearance. This popular shampoo bar, with scalp-stimulating peppermint infusion and cinnamon leaf oil encouraging healthy hair growth, is having its decorative cinnamon stick replaced with a wooden stick. This is no ordinary stick however as it contains a set of hashtags to use on social media, and links to online petitions to get involved with the conversation of being Cruelty Free.


Why is Lush changing the New shampoo bar?
We are proud of our shampoo bars because they sum up much of what Lush is about; they are solid so, therefore, do not need the usual plastic bottle required for liquid shampoo and they last for ages meaning they are good value for our customers.  Almost the perfect product. So perhaps the only way to make a shampoo bar even better was to also make it carry a message.  In collaboration with Humane Society International, we decided to put a web address and hashtag linking to their global Be Cruelty Free campaign - so now the shampoo bar is speaking out for animals used in cosmetics testing, as well as being a great product to use.

What is our link to the Be Cruelty Free Campaign? 

We have partnered with Humane Society International many times over the years.  We particularly like their Be Cruelty Free Campaign because it takes a worldwide view of animal testing for cosmetics.  Whilst Europe and some other countries have brought in regulations restricting cosmetics safety testing using animals, the problem is not solved until the whole world switches to the more modern non-animal tests.  Be Cruelty Free spreads the news of best practice and lobbies all governments to insist on cruelty-free testing methods.

Why did we choose New shampoo to carry this message?

New shampoo bar is our best selling shampoo bar, so it is the best choice to get the cruelty-free information out as far as possible and into as many homes worldwide.  

How long will we selling the new version of New for?

There are no plans yet on how long we are likely to run this version of New Shampoo Bar, but one thing is for certain, Lush will not stop campaigning about this issue, in a variety of ways, until all animals are safe from cosmetics testing.

How can I get involved?

Use the #BeCrueltyFree tag and you can also tag the Humane Society International when posting on social media platforms whenever you want to engage the global community about regulations on cruelty-free cosmetics. Visit and sign the petition. Simple!

What’s on the stick?

With a hashtag and web link in the two most used languages of the internet, we hope to give people a way to get involved in the global cruelty-free conversations.

Learn more about the #BeCrueltyFree campaign from HSI here.

Comments (2)


about 2 years ago

You use eggs. How can you call yourself cruelty free? 'Free Range' is nonsense. Chickens are not meant to have that many eggs! Do your research Lush.


about 2 years ago

It would be great if your products were certified to be palm oil/ palm free as well. Additives derived from palm oil are in most beauty products and it is very hard to tell because their are so many names for palm oil additives. Palm oil plantations are responsible for the destruction of rain forests and killing of many Orangutans, Sumatran Rhinos among many others. So products that contain palm additives are not truely cruelty free. I hope you choose to look into this matter. I was told by Cruelty Free International that groups such as the Rainforest Alliance and Rainforest International could help with this issue. Love your products! Hope you choose to label your products palm free!
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