The Bournemouth identity

Lights, camera, action - and we’re rolling. Opening a great shop is a little bit like producing a great film: it requires a polished set, experienced cast and an awesome technical team who operate behind the scenes, putting it all together.


It’s been a decade since Lush Bournemouth first opened, meaning it was definitely time to give the shop a shiny new set. In-house store designers got to work, tracing the original architectural sketches and masterminding a beautiful new shop front and bespoke interior. Senior store designer, Melody Morton, explains, “Undertaking a large restoration project on a historic building is always a big challenge. Unfortunately, removing the 70s facade revealed a lot of damage to the stone and so we instructed a master mason to repair all the external stonework. We also commissioned new windows which have been handmade locally to match the sketches, and uncovered the original ceiling details which were previously covered by a lowered ceiling.”


Sustainability was at the heart of dressing the shop. The exteriors were created using in-house timber, while the furniture found inside is an eclectic mix of reclaimed mid-century pieces and new units made from recycled yoghurt pots and upcycled wooden floorboards, sourced primarily from the North of England. It's a shop that turns tradition upside down: floorboards are found fashioning the furniture, but the floor itself is an environmentally friendly resin, produced from plant-based oil. This has a high energy rating and is extremely durable, making it perfect for the racing feet of excited customers.

If you're never been excited by tiles, the new Bournemouth shop might just change that too. Funky, handmade tiles curve around the unit that displays fresh products on ice. It's the first time they've ever been used in a Lush shop.

Melody says, “Customers will experience a completely new and improved shop, with improved consultation spaces, custom furniture and a new and extended make up range.”


Fresh from Lush Carlisle, manager Bethan Watts is the lady in the director’s chair, and she’s been busy recruiting a shop full of passionate staff. During a break from training new staff in Poole, Bethan explains “As we've been closed for 6 months, I want new and returning customers to feel welcomed with open arms back into our brand new store,where they will find exciting exclusive products and displays. The shop layout has been informed by customer interactions with the previous design and the exciting, new-concept make-up space has a new fresh and dynamic feel.  High energy, new fresh ideas and exclusive products will add to the unique and amazing experience we have to offer.”

The premiere

No rehearsals could fully prepare the cast for the excitement of a shop opening and how this buzz of hustle, bustle and PET-free sparkle will unfold. As the lights snap into action, and the soundtrack starts, the cast await, enthused, prepped but unscripted, for the moment 9.00am on the 22nd October 2016 strikes and the doors open...

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