Bulk Buying Policy

Lush has a policy of no bulk buying and no resale of our products.

We really do not wish to offend you, but the amount of items you wish to purchase is more than our Bulk Buy Policy allows. 

As you can imagine, as retailers we wish to sell as many products as we can – but there are some strong reasons why sometimes we must refuse a sale. 

We like to be open and have good relationships with all our customers, so we would like to explain to you why we cannot sell you the items you want today.

Lush has a policy of no bulk buying and no resale of our products.   The main reasons for the policy are as follows.

Bulk Buying for personal use.

Our Fresh Handmade Cosmetics contain lots of fresh ingredients, fruit and vegetables – so in order for the vitality of the ingredients and the active enzymes to be at their most potent, we operate to a strict policy of small batch sizes, a fast turn around and a short shelf life.  We therefore encourage our customers to buy small amounts often, rather than stockpile bulk for personal use, which would be well past its best by the time it is used.

Lush products should not be resold.

The reason we do not wish third party resellers to trade in our products is because we want all our customers to receive top quality customer consultations from our own trained staff in order to find the products that best suit the needs of their skin and hair.  Our brand reputation is built on making sure that products are effective and tailored for the individual, to ensure that the money each customer spends with us is on something that they will use, instead of something they will find useless and will need to throw away because it did not suit.  This is also vital to our Environmental Policies, where we have targeted our business to not sell products that will end up unwanted and in landfill.  Careful purchasing is good for the customer and good for the environment.

Reselling around the world.

We are aware that in some countries there are large amounts of Lush products for sale, both online and on high streets, where it is not us selling them.  These rogue traders not only risk selling our customers stale products or items that are not suited to that customer – but they also risk exposing our products to animal testing.  In some countries the laws governing safety testing not only require testing of products when they are in the product development stage, but they also have laws whereby the authorities can test products found for sale in shops, markets or online.  If governments in these countries see Lush products being sold, they have the power to take samples and conduct their own safety testing on them.  This testing is done using animals. 

For the whole of our existence, Lush has been vehemently opposed to animal testing – and our whole business has been modelled in order that no animals die for our products.   It is of the utmost importance to us that we do not allow our products to enter these countries in resale quantities – because of the risk that Lush products could be tested in this way, unknown by us.

One-off bulk buys for special events.

We of course understand that sometimes bulk buying is necessary for one-off events, birthday party goodie bags, wedding favours or corporate gifts.  We can accommodate these purchases through our shops or online, where we will discuss your needs and place a special order for you.

We hope that you can understand why we do not allow bulk purchase.
We would love you to shop with us little and often and enjoy our products fresh and effective.

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about 10 months ago


about 1 year ago

how many shampoo bars can i order online one time?not offending the bulk buying policy?

Lush Customer Care

about 1 year ago


We would recommend no more than ten, as each one will last for many hair-washes and we always say that "fresh is best".


about 1 year ago

How can I report an illegal resale your products?

Lush Customer Care

about 1 year ago


Please email the links to [email protected]!


about 2 years ago

I am horrified when I see someone selling giant amounts on Ebay or Facebook groups-giant hauls of Kitchen items-that's why I can never get the top items fast enough-ebay honestly isn't quite as bad as some of these Lush "fans" groups on facebook. I see products going for 5 times the amount they go for on ebay! These members buy giant amounts too---now 20 bath oils for example is bulk buying and then they sell them on this facebook site for 10 apiece and charge for paypal and 6 for s/h-unbelievable-they say its because its hard for them to acquire-no they make it harder for normal people to get the same items. When I mentioned the prices seemed high-they attacked me-one member calls her items her products and the Facebook site is her store. She has tons of items for sale daily. I think you really do need to restrict these buyers-Buying 5 or 6 items is not bulk buying though imo.


about 2 years ago

I feel the horror!! Same goes with VS Pink items I can never get my free gift or anything that goes on sale!!! Then there on eBay selling for 2-3x the amount!!!


about 2 years ago

I can understand the reasons. Just think it's a shame about the Oxford streets new items we can only dream about....or turn to eBay for a very high price. I missed one of the shower gels and ended up paying dauble. capping the amount you can buy will never fully work. Makeing the products more accessible will.
I have bought "in bulk" on the odd occasion that I've actually managed to get anything from The Kitchen before it's been sold out. My daughter and I both love everything Lush. I also think that if you are lucky enough to secure an order from the kitchen, you should be able to add it to a basket to checkout at the end of the week for example, as the postage cost is a huge downfall of The Kitchen idea. Our favourites are anything with lavender and violet, so when Bathos was available for a few hours I purchased 12 bars, in my mind that isn't excessive between two people. The main eBay problem at the moment is people charging extortionate prices o
The biggest problem at the moment is the Exclusive new products only available in the new Oxford Street store. People are reselling 250g bottles of shower creams, bubble baths etc for prices ranging between £30 and £80, absolute daylight robbery. Why can't the Oxford Street products be available online so that we all get a chance try the lovely new products? It's very unfair to devoted regular Lush customers, and it's patently obvious that people are purposely buying the Oxford Street exclusives purely for resale at hiked up prices.