Charity Pot Donations

 Your purchases of Charity Pot help fund small grassroots groups, charities, and activists working day and night trying to make the world a better place for humans, animals, and the environment. Below is a list of the groups that have been supported.

If you want to find out more about applying, why not take a look at our funding guidelines


Second Chance : Running costs for homeless project in Bournemouth

Speak Up : Workshops at schools to challenge discrimination and prejudice against people with learning disabilities, in Sussex

StreetVet : Delivering free care to the homeless and their dogs on the streets of Cornwall.

Yayasan Orangutan Sumatera Lestari : Bukit Mas project

European Saudi Organisation for Human Rights : Campaign to save Saudi women human rights defenders at risk of imprisonment and execution

Northern Police Monitoring Project : Monitoring of policing in Greater Manchester

People's Empowerment Alliance for Custom House : Community led alternative regeneration plan for Custom House in London

Fundación para la Conservación de los Andes Tropicales : Connecting local youths to nature through the study and protection of a threatened rainforest lake

Hidayah LGBT : Conference and establishment of local groups for LGBT Muslims

Institutul Roman pentru Pace- Romanian Peace Institute : Peacebuilding workshops for Syrian refugees in Lebanon and Turkey

Koalicja Niech Żyją! (Let Them Live Coalition) : Monitoring illegal bird hunting around several national wildlife parks in Poland.

Bedfordshire Against Covanta Incinerator : Campaigning costs for local group opposing incineration in Bedfordshire

Radiation Free Lakeland : Artwork for campaign against radiation and new nuclear development

BEST, Befriending and Support Team for Foreign Nationals in HMP Wandsworth : Befriending and supporting foreign nationals in HMP Wandsworth

Early Asylum Support : Short practical guide to prepare migrants in case of immigration detention

Refugee Community Kitchen : Electric vehicle to organise street feeding in London

Refugee Info Bus : Multilingual legal info and support for asylum seekers and refugees, in the north of France

Refugee Support (Devon) Ltd : Weekly immigration advice clinic in Exeter

Citizen Association EGAL : Creation of a drop-in center for LGBTI persons in Belgrade, Serbia

Otara Foundation/ Embark : Embark has received a request to carry out a sterilisation and vaccination program at the Kankasanthurai Naval Base + Trincomalee Army Camp. There are approx. 200 -300 dogs at both locations

Estonian Forest Aid (Eesti Metsa Abiks) : Campaign to protect old growth forest in Estonia

Kenya Vegetarian Club : A two day event and conference promoting plant based diet in Kenya.

Mdzananda Animal Clinic : Responsible pet ownership educational programme.

Artworks Creative Communities : Buy Nowt Day, an anti-poverty event, and alternative to Black Friday and a response to the hardship caused by the roll out of universal credit

Brighton Radical Climbing Collective : Climbing equipment to train environmental activists in climbing techniques

Cubitt : Art exhibition in Islington with Lebanese-British artist Aya Haidar, The Voice of Domestic Workers, Detained Voices and Women for Refugee Women addressing the experiences of women detained at Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre

Glasgow Autonomous Space : Core running costs for autonomous social centre in Glasgow

Girls to Lead Africa : Encouraging girl leaders in schools in Uganda

Animal Rescue Cambodia : Spaying of street dogs and cats at six pagodas within Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Cetacean Research & Rescue Unit : Emergency repairs for the rescue boat.

Cork Nature Network : Campaign to protect rivers and wildlife from hard engineering / flood control

Know the Line campaign group : Public awareness campaign about sexual harassment in South Yorkshire

No 2 Nuclear Power : Running costs for information service about the concerns surrounding nuclear power

OLDHAM CATS : Urgent veterinary treatment and ongoing treatment for the rescued cats.

Frack Free Scarborough : Campaigning costs for community group opposing fracking in Scarborough

Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue : Amazing Grace - Hedgehog Project - Britains Hedgehogs are declining at a massive rate from 35 million in the 1960s to less than 1 million today. We're saving them one village at a time

Nope To Arms : Art exhibition during London Design Festival of artwork withdrawn by artists from the Design Museum due to the Museum's support for the arms industry

Ethnovision : Researching and documenting stories of human rights abuses of asylum seekers in Serbia, and taking the report findings to EU policy makers in Brussels

A Voice For Leith Hill : Campaigning to raise awareness of the planned oil drilling on Leith Hill in Surrey and mobilise effective community opposition.

NoPlasticApp (hosted by World Peace Now) : Creation of an open source, free smart phone app to enable consumers to campaign against over packaging while they shop, by scanning barcodes and emailing companies directly

Pregnant Then Screwed : Campaign to support mothers to start a career in politics

Refugee Flag Kakuma : Urgent peaceful protest campaign and press conference to end violence against LGBT people in Kakuma refugee camp, Kenya

Concerned Health Professionals of the UK : Harnessing the collective power of concerned health professionals in the UK to seek to halt the proliferation of Unconventional Gas Extraction (UGE)

Maple Farm Community Hub : Camp equipment and supplies for anti-fracking camp at Preston New Road in Lancashire

LGB&T Dorset Equality Network : Creation of an online information resource for LGBT asylum-seekers and migrants using UK immigration services

CHOOSEHUMANITY.CH : Early intervention legal aid services for asylum seekers on Chios Island, Greece

Brush & Bow CIC : Creation of a series of 6 online podcasts and 6 written articles collecting and documenting oral testimonies from Syrian refugees and Lebanese communities in Akkar

Dove Tales, Association of Scottish Artists for Peace : Anti-war exhibition and concert in St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh

Refugee Legal Support - Athens : Volunteer UK lawyers working with Greek lawyers, giving free legal support to refugees in Greece

Oxfordshire Visual Arts Development Agency : Art exhibition in Oxford exploring global political divides

Gaza Association for Culture and Arts : Red Carpet film festival in Gaza strip to shed the light on human rights issues in Palestine

  Colombian Caravana : Production of a short film to support the work of human rights lawyers and defenders in Colombia

ICAHD UK : Construction of a community centre in the Jordan Valley

Maternity Action : Campaigning against the ‘hostile environment’ policies of charging migrant and asylum seeking women for NHS maternity care

Institution "Center for the Ethical Attitude Towards Nature" (Ecoetika) : Animal experiments or humane alternatives: awareness raising campaign in Belarus - Conducting several educational activities that inform the Belarusian public about alternatives to animal experiments in science, toxicology and education.

Northern Lights Aid : Baby Store for pregnant migrant women and mothers in eastern Greece

Cultivate Cornwall CIC : Clothes swapping and repairing events to challenge the fast fashion industry

ECHO for Refugees : A mobile library for asylum-seekers and migrants, offering access to WiFi, online education, books in 9 languages, film-screenings and a quiet reading space

Humane Education Society : Essential re-fencing of equine pasture and enclosures - Replace existing dilapidated and broken fencing around our equine pasture and enclosures

Know the Line campaign group : Public awareness campaign about sexual harassment in South Yorkshire

Dzīvnieku brīvība : Vegan Festival 2018 - Vegan Festival taking place in Riga, Latvia, introduces veganism to a wider audience, stressing it’s positive impact on the environment, human health and the animals.

Labour Behind the Label : Producing printed action updates for campaigners working to improve conditions and empower workers in the global garment industry

London Mining Network : Coordination to arrange campaigners from Brazil, Colombia, and Chile to attend the Annual General Meeting of mining company BHP in London

Lumen Studios International Ltd : Awareness raising exhibition about light pollution

Rainbow LGBT Asylum Support Hartlepool : Practical and legal support for LGBT asylum seekers in Hartlepool

Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations : Rabies Free India - A campaign to end the killing of dogs and reduce human-dog conflict in the country by working with the Government and capacitating NGOs to run Government-led spay-neuter, mass anti-rabies dog vaccination, dog-bite prevention education, and post-bite victim counselling programmes.

FLIGHT: Protecting Indonesia's Birds : SAVING INDONESIA’S BIRDS – From Illegal Bird Trade - A new not-for-profit Indonesian NGO group 100% focussed on illegal wild bird trade.

Institutet för nerväxtstudier : Live streaming of the 6th International Degrowth Conference for Ecological Sustainability and Social Equity, bringing bring together around 1000 people from across the world for a range of degrowth-related activities

Forgotten Animals : Subsidised Neutering Project- Two cities in Russia - Spay and neuter project to provide help towards the cost of spaying and neutering of stray animals and pets of people on low income in Russia

Land Justice Network : Land occupation of an area of public land as a focus for campaigning about land rights, and a space for recuperation for frontline activists

Merseyside Animal Rights : To be in a position to campaign more effectively and to have a strong animal rights group to educate the public on animal rights issues in the Merseyside area. To co-operate with other groups in the region and beyond which have similar aims to have the best use of energy and time.

Oxford International Women's Festival : An annual festival that celebrates women's achievements and International Women's Day

Raise to Stay : Raising money and visibility for people with complex asylum cases

Refuge4Pets : Refuge4Pets pet fostering service - We enable freedom from domestic violence and abuse for pets and their owners by providing a pet fostering service across Devon and Cornwall.

Animal Rights Gathering : Principles and Values for the Animal Rights Movement - A workshop for those in leadership roles across Animal Rights, Animal Liberation and Vegan Outreach groups to develop a shared set of principles and values.

Chester Sexual Abuse Support Service : A positive march for a safer Chester at night, free from sexual harassment and abuse,

Eat First! : A small, mobile vegan field kitchen to support activists in their campaigns

Foundation “Ženski centar“ Trebinje (“Women’s Centre”) : Campaigning to change legislation to protect children at risk of abuse

Norfolk Against Fracking : Campaigning against fracking in Norfolk

Roar Pursuits : Support in life skills for young adults leaving care

Bristol Housing Action Movement : Practical support and training for homeless people in Bristol

Ecological Defence Integrity : The Ecological Justice Programme will assist environmental activists taking the legal argument of being a Conscientious Protector (against ecocide) forward as a defence in a criminal court.

Fuel Poverty Action : Coordinating pressure from tower block residents for prompt replacement of all flammable cladding materials post-Grenfell, and for protection from fire and cold until completion.

Haringey Welcome : Awareness raising against hostile immigration policies

Oboz dla Puszczy (Camp for the Forest) : Providing legal support for the defenders of the Bialowieza Forest, prosecuted for their involvement in peaceful protests against illegal logging in the last natural lowland forest of Europe

Pollution Watch (Broadford Bridge Action Group) : Water monitoring equipment for fracking campaign in Sussex

Animal Spay and Neuter International : DHLPP Vaccination Program - To vaccinate 1000 dogs in Romania against distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis, leptospirosis, and parainfluenza.

Brighton and Hove Housing Coalition : Training Street Advocates that will empower people at risk of homelessness to deal with local authorities, with disrepair in private rented properties and with Section 21 evictions

Negev Coexistence Forum for Civil Equality : Indigenous Bedouin Women’s photography training and support groups for human rights documentation operating in villages unrecognized by the state of Israel

North Wales Nappy Collaborative : Campaigning to encourage use of washable nappies

Rights & Accountability in Development : Representing victims of serious violence at a mine in Tanzania in a ‘grievance mechanism’ process to obtain reparations and future reform

Moorland Monitors : Moorland Monitors - A strategic, coordinated, multi-pronged campaign to mobilise the public to highlight and challenge wildlife persecution and ecological destruction committed by grouse shooting estates.

Bright Future : Start up costs for providing practical advice and support hub for asylum seekers and refugees in Tyne and Wear, including legal advice hot meals, and second hand, warm clothes

Bunny Burrows : Vaccinations and medical care - A new strain of VHD has begun and all of our animals need to be vaccinated against this potentially fatal disease.

CalAid : A programme supporting refugees and displaced people in Greece through optical healthcare (the provision of eye tests and glasses)

Global Legal Action Network : A workshop bringing together IT specialists and pro-bono lawyers to develop innovative solutions for managing and processing digital evidence to improve legal accountability efforts for war crimes.

Hopetowns : Refugee led group, giving practical support for asylum seekers in London

Real Media : Equipment to support activist journalism platforming campaigns, social justice issues and marginalised voices

Frack Off : Website for national anti-fracking organisation, and campaigning packs for local community groups opposed to fracking

Make the Future/ Break the Future : Activism to expose the corporate 'greenwashing' of Shell's Make The Future event

Reclaim the Power : Climate camp against fracking at Preston New Road in Lancashire

Frack Free Upton : Campaigning materials and public meetings against fracking in Cheshire

Bassetlaw Against Fracking (Tinker Lane Community Group) : Grassroots community campaigning against fracking in North Nottinghamshire

Campaign against Climate Change : Protests during the Trump visit and the UN's COP24 climate talks

Frack Free Sussex : Campaigning about fracking in Sussex

Oxford Friends of the Earth : Local group opposing the Highways Agency's proposed Oxford-Cambridge Expressway road scheme

Rimrose Valley Friends : Campaigning materials for local community group opposed to a dual carriageway through Rimrose Valley Country Park in Liverpool

South West Family Values : Project for children who have witnessed domestic abuse which aims to empower them to make healthy choices in relationships to prevent cycles of perpetrator/victim behaviour

Help Bristol Homeless : Converting shipping containers into temporary accommodation for homeless people

Prisonism : Prison awareness booklet for prisoners, relatives and the public

Racial Justice Network : A six-month campaign training course that equips Black, Brown and migrant communities with the skills, knowledge and confidence to challenge inequalities

Asylum Links : Sharing information with refugees and migrants about their human rights and needs in Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan and Libya

Earth First! Summer Gathering : 6 day direct action skills shares’ camp for environmental activists

Frack Free United : Uniting and amplifying the voices of communities threatened by fracking to lobby UK government

New Profile : Feminist organisation opposing militarism in schools in Israel, and providing non-military alternatives

Plane Stupid : Campaign fighting aviation (expansion) to combat climate change, connecting local airport resistance groups with climate justice campaigners, trade unions, scientists, NGOs, and groups supporting (night) trains

South Coast Alliance for Transport and the Environment (SCATE): A New Transport Vision for the Sussex Coast’ - A campaign by an alliance of local non-profit groups to show socially just and environmentally responsible alternatives to the current ‘road building’ first dogma.

Southampton and Winchester Visitors Group : Providing hostel accommodation for destitute asylum seekers in Southampton who would otherwise be street homelessMedia Fund, The : Covering media misinformation around the climate debate and promoting direct climate action.

The Media Fund : Covering media misinformation around the climate debate and promoting direct climate action.

Misson Springs Protection Camp : Establishing and expanding the Misson Springs (anti-Fracking) Protection Camp, supporting the local community and raising awareness of the risks associated with Hydraulic Fracturing.

The Moss Alliance : Campaigning against the planning application for fracking in Lancashire

Art the Arms Fair : Publicising and raising awareness of the 2019 DSEI arms fair through an art exhibition

Eco Soul Hostel : Finalising plans for an eco-hostel in London where people who share values of social change, sustainability and inner wellbeing can connect and inspire each other

Instituto Multimedia DerHumALC - Human Rights Multimedia Institute for South America and the Caribbean : International Environmental Film Festival in Buenos Aires, Argentina, focused on water

Norfolk S.A.F.E : Deteriorating gazebo to be used for fundraising - Solely for events locally to raise funds for animals in need at home and abroad. Tombola and other money raising initiatives i.e. car boots, fairs, fetes

NoStrings Media Initiative : Create a virtual and physical safe space for education and interaction, where LGBTIQ Nigerians can access information on human rights, report violations, and access help when needed

Refugee Rights Europe (formerly the Refugee Rights Data Project) : An evidence-based advocacy campaign calling for assertive policy-action, which has the potential to address the root causes of suffering among refugees seeking protection in Europe.

2050 Climate Group : Youth Climate Summit conference to promote education and empowerment amongst young people to act to create a more environmentally sustainable, low-carbon future

Close Capenhurst Campaign : Campaigning to close the uranium enrichment plants at Capenhurst and Springfields, focussing on all aspects of the radioactive waste issue

Frack Free Pocklington Area : Community campaigning against fracking in east Yorkshire

Meena Centre : Emergency accommodation for destitute asylum seeking and migrant women and children in Birmingham

Fellow Travellers : Analysis of passenger survey data to show that Heathrow’s proposed new runway is to cater to demand for leisure flights from London’s wealthy frequent flyers.

Stand By Me Lesvos : Practical support for refugee women and children in Lesvos, Greece

The Stonehenge Alliance : Campaigning to prevent construction of the planned A303 Stonehenge Expressway which would irreparably damage the World Heritage Site

Creswell Against Fracking : Campaigning against fracking in Nottinghamshire

Cuddly Critters Animal Rescue : Towards the vetinary and feed costs of a small animal rescue

Final Straw Cornwall : A campaign to rid Cornwall of single use plastic straws and raise awareness of the damage single use plastics are causing to our environment

Frack Free Misson : Grassroots campaigning against fracking in north Nottinghamshire

GreenSeas Trust : Design and manufacture visually engaging, educational beach bins, placing them at coastal points to stop litter entering the sea

Media for Justice (Nigeria) Project : Campaigning against oil palm plantations in Ogoniland, Nigeria

People & Planet : A skill-based training programme led by and for students to support grassroots campaigns tackling the root causes of environmental and social injustice in their region

Source of the Nile Union of Persons with Albinism (SNUPA) : Campaigning event for International Albinism Awareness Day in Uganda, promoting the rights of children and adults with albinism across Uganda and challenge the discrimination, and persecution they face

Beyond GM : A programme to engage and educate UK chefs about the issues of GMOs, synthetic biology and sustainability within the restaurant and food service food chain.

Comunidad Inti Wara Yassi : Capacity building for wildlife veterinary care in Bolivia - A training programme to equip newly-qualified vets with the skills required to diagnose and treat wildlife rescued from illegal trafficking.

The Conflict and Environment Observatory : Construction of the Conflict and Environment Observatory’s website to communicate the environmental and derived humanitarian consequences of armed conflicts

Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre : KATs Sterilization station - To work with the community to identify and sterilize 500 female dogs, preventing unwanted puppies being born on the street into a life of misery.

Samosa Sisters : Helping asylum seeking women with the issues of hate crime and welfare problems in Newcastle and Gateshead

Natural Building Collective : Construction of an earth sheltered building using sustainable materials which will be used as a training centre for early childhood development. Ladismith, Western Cape, South Africa

The Organisation to Conserve the Albanian Alps : Art installation aiming to stop illegal hydro power plant developments in Valbona National Park

The Bristol Survivors and Supported Peoples Union : Supporting survivors of abuse to campaign for their human rights and challenge systematic oppression and unjust systems

Fleecehaven : Replace Galebreaker blinds to keep the elements out of the barn whilst allowing air to freely circulate, which is necessary to keep the flock healthy.

Peace News Summer Camp : A camp for grassroots movements for radical social change, this year with an emphasis on self-care and anti-classism

Herts Against The Badger Cull : Protecting badgers in cull zones and Herts/Middx, using a drone to locate setts, injured badgers, find which farmers are in the cull & fight developments.

The Black Fish : Citizen Inspector Training - A training course for interested individuals to train as ‘Citizen Inspectors’ to help The Black Fish to gather evidence of illegal fishing practices.

Fellowship of Reconciliation Peace Presence : Human rights defenders in a peace community in Colombia

Gun Free Kitchen Tables : Independent expert report into the gendered impacts of relaxing gun laws in Israel

Reclaim Holloway : Campaign to provide women's community facilities at the former Holloway Prison site

Recovering Justice : Campaign for drug policy reform in Scotland

AMOR : Humane education and youth leadership-building programme to empower indigenous youth in Guatemala to build a future free of poverty and oppression.

Bournemouth Emerging Arts Festival (BEAF) : Environmental art project as part of the BEAF festival in Boscombe

Defend Digital Me : Campaigning for children’s data privacy, raising awareness of a child’s digital footprint and their right to privacy

Grwp Cymunedol Pontsticill Community Group : A cargo trike to enable members of Pontsticill community group to complete projects in the local area whilst reducing our carbon foot print.

London Renters Union : Launch of the London Renters Union, aiming to build power from below to fundamentally transform the housing system

Oz Veganske Hody : A vegan food festival taking place in 3 cities around Slovakia, focusing on developing the plant-based segment and promotion of sustainable and compassionate diets.

Refugee and Asylum Participatory Action Research (RAPAR) : Creating a 20-week course where 10 young people, both displaced and British, learn to develop successful human rights campaigns and cases.

Illumina Studios & Media Ltd : UK Anti-Fracking Tour of Indigenous Lakota Elder/Spokesman William Hawk

African Rainbow Family : Campaign about LGBT rights whilst the Commonwealth Summit is on in the UK, plus a one-day conference about LGBT refugees and domestic violence

LUNG Theatre : Trojan Horse, a verbatim play examining the Trojan Horse scandal and how the community of Alum Rock was divided by Islamophobia

Mighty Heart Theatre : A participatory arts project and social change campaign to empower female survivors of domestic abuse and educate girls about their human rights.

Open Media Network : Creating a free social media alternative to Facebook for campaigners, NGO’s and activists to communicate among their peers and beyond

Otrā māja dzīvniekiem : Reconstruction of an animal shelter in Latvia. The shelter provides veterinary care and shelter to abandoned and injured animals along with neutering and microchipping campaigns and educational sessions.

Proud2Be : A volunteer hub for LGBT people, their friends, families and supporters in South Devon

Respond : Construction and management of shower centre for refugee women and children in Lesbos, Greece.

Together We Grow : Supporting refugees and asylum seekers to be able to attend events and participate in local leisure activities

BP or not BP? : Creative activism to build the movement to end oil sponsorship, intensifying the pressure on the Royal Shakespeare Company, British Museum and other BP-funded institutions to end their sponsorship deals

COMAC : Providing bikes for asylum seekers, to enable them to get around (appointments, language classes, leisure), and maintenance to ensure they are roadworthy

Sheffield Climate Alliance : Awareness raising campaign about fracking in and around Sheffield

Adaptive Capacity : ‘Don’t be a Fossil Fool’ Campaign - A launch event and campaign to educate people about the benefits of switching to renewable energy from the big 6

Food Not Bombs North London : Food Not Bombs takes positive direct action by gathering vegan food that would otherwise be wasted, cooking and serving it for free in public

Highlight Arts : Production of a ‘filmic conversation’, between young people in Arctic Finland and Scotland, about experiences living with climate change

Open Hearts Open Borders Ltd : Humanitarian aid community group in the south west of England, coordinating aid to refugees in Europe

Theberton and Eastbridge Action Group on Sizewell : A video to engage new audiences about the significant impacts of constructing Sizewell C on the Suffolk coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Migration and Asylum Justice Forum : Campaign for the rights of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in Tyne & Wear

Robin Hood Tax Campaign : Campaigning about reform of the financial sector on the 10 year anniversary of the financial crash

Safe Homes And Kindness (SHAK) : Upgrading a play run, fencing and gate for a dog sanctuary for abused and neglected animals

Tiger Awareness : To construct concrete walls around open wells in Pench Tiger Reserve buffer area, to stop wildlife falling in and drowning.

Energy Democracy Project : Divestment campaign inside political parties

Khora Community Centre : Stand-alone free shop in Athens for refugees and people in need

Peak District Raptor Monitoring Group : To obtain qualifications in tree climbing and aerial rescue and to purchase certificated climbing equipment for raptor monitoring in the Peak District National Park.

Seal Protection Action Group : Create a Mobile Seal Rescue Unit for orphaned, injured, sick and entangled seals. To establish a Seal Alliance network promoting the conservation, protection and welfare of all seals.

Surge : Travelling to UK universities across the UK in The Big Vegan Activism Van. www.thebigveganactivismvan.com

Laurel Animal Rescue : A neutering campaign for cats in the Newton le Willows area as there is nothing within 15 miles of WA12 area.

Sunderland Rainbow Sanctuary Seekers : Practical and legal support for LGBT asylum seekers in Sunderland and in the North East

A Voice For Leith Hill : Campaigning to raise awareness of the planned oil drilling on Leith Hill in Surrey and mobilise effective community opposition.

End Deportations : Building a campaign to end mass deportations

GirlDreamer : Self-defence and online confidence platform for women

The Nanas : Travel costs and supplies for a community group, made up mostly of women, campaigning to keep the UK frack-free.

Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary : Mobile stable accomodation for rescued ponies

Coventry Night Shelter : A night shelter in Coventry, providing practical solidarity for destitute refugees.

Doula UK : Supporting Survivors - Educational workshops & awareness campaign of the challenges faced by survivors of sexual abuse, childhood abuse, birth trauma, rape, and trafficking

Hounds Off : A free servicing assisting landowners to protect themsleves, their land and animals from hunt trespasses.

Rape Crisis Surrey and Sussex : Stop Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Now series of workshops for community groups and professionals

Samphire : Emergency fund for refugees in Dover

The School Bus Project : Provision of mobile education for homeless young refugees living in woodlands in North Calais

Bali Rescue Dog Squad : Spay, neutering and education project in Bali

OneKind : Start-up of a coalition campaign to secure radical reform on Scotland’s grouse moors, including a campaign microsite, communications materials and events.

Tracks Investigations : The purchase of new specialist covert video camera kit and editing equipment to enable Tracks to film and edit investigative projects.

Coal Action Network

Pershitude : Mass gathering to celebrate the rejection of the plans for a new airport at Notre Dame des Landes in France

Aberdeen Climate Action : Free monthly speakers events, in Aberdeen, to raise climate change awareness and to encourage people to take action.

Barlborough Against Fracking : Campaign against fracking in Derbyshire

Lokiaka Community Development Centre : A mobilisation, campaign and nonviolent protest march by community groups against further environmental devastation by planned sand mining companies in Ogoniland.

Oblique Arts : Drop-in advocacy and literacy support for traveller teenagers in Cambridgeshire

Peace of Mind : Regular drop-in advice and advocacy support for asylum seekers and refugees in Gateshead

Jafra Foundation for Relief and Youth Development : Centre for women refugees in Athens, Greece

Frack Free East Yorkshire : Campaign against fracking in East Yorkshire



ASSIST Sheffield : Regenerating an online platform for asylum seekers to access services n Sheffield

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service : An intensive care unit to aid the recovery of wildlife after surgery and procedures and care

Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament : The Nuclear Ban Treaty Tour - a series of street & festival stalls, local meetings, canvassing and public activities to highlight the recently adopted UN Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

Shoal Collective : Building an alternative media website, writing and researching issues including human rights, animal rights and environmental justice movements

Plan B Earth : Legal action to challenge the refusal of the UK government to amend the 2050 carbon target under the Climate Change Act 2008

Project MAMA : Providing maternity and birth support for refugee and migrant women in Bristol

S.A.F.E Cats : Construction of new pen block,purchase a gazebo,traps and mesh carriers to help and neuter more cats and kittens.

Haringey Solidarity Group : Photocopier for community campaign organisation in east London

Leicester Friends of Bethlehem : A visit of school-age dancers, drummers and singers from Palestine, showcasing in schools and public performances, their contemporary take on a culture surviving under occupation.

Migration Matters Festival : A multi-arts festival in Sheffield celebrating the positive impact of refugees and migration on the UK

RefuComm E.v : Distribution of legal advice to refugees and asylum seekers utilising practical technology

Environmental Paper Network : Helping local communities in Mozambique to mobilise and resist a massive land-grab for eucalyptus pulpwood plantations by Portucel (The Navigator Company)

InterVolve : Refugee women and children's centre in Thessaloniki, Greece

Pregnant Then Screwed : Festival to to raise awareness of pregnancy and maternity discrimination, trigger legislative change and support working families

Retro IT Ain't : 'Rebellious Women' event in Poole to celebrate women who throughout history have stood up and spoken out for social justice and political representation

Calaid : Creating 'The Shop' space to provide essential non-food items to refugees and displaced people in Greece

Divest Trade Unions : Workshops and training events for UNISON trade union members on fossil fuel divestment, and campaign materials and videos

Community R4C : An online portal for recycling, reusing, upcycling and other local circular economy resources in Gloucestershire

The Feminist Library : Tech resources for the Feminist Library to provide training for volunteers, improving access for users of the Library and supporting our fundraising programme.

Labour Behind the Label : UK wide network meeting to bring together groups campaigning about injustices in the global garment sector

Methoria : Address legal gaps/failures to develop international best practice/procedure on working with dead, missing and bereaved migrants to ensure their rights are respected

The Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy : Investigation into the arbitrary detention and torture of women in Bahrain, and an international advocacy campaign exposing their abuse

The Bus Shelter MK : Flame retardant bedding and mattresses for a converted bus homeless shelter

Friends of Detainees : Visit and support for detainees in UK wide detention centres

Aberdeen and District Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament : Campaigning costs for anti-nuclear group in Scotland

Mbwa Wa Africa Animal Rescue : Spay/Neuter Clinic for owned and free roaming dogs in two wards of Meru district in support of rabies elimination.

Refugee Info Bus : A mobile information and wifi bus for refugees arriving and stuck on Chios, Greece.

Akwaaba : Training for destitute migrants to become regular volunteers at centre for migrants and refugees

BARAC UK : Continuation of BARAC's humanitarian aid and solidarity with refugees in northern France, and running costs for campaigning

Ellesmere Port Frack Free : Anti-fracking campaigning group in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire

Bisi Alimi Foundation : Training for Nigeria lawyers to provide legal support and representation for LGBT people in Nigeria

Orgreave Truth & Justice Campaign : Demonstration/rally, to coincide with the first anniversary of the Home Secretary’s refusal to hold a public inquiry into the police actions at Orgreave coking plant in 1984

Reel News : Making campaign films about the COP climate talks in Bonn, updating the website and filming equipment for radical film collective

Bikes for Refugees (Scotland) : Towards the costs of upcycling and distributing bikes to refugees and asylum seekers in Scotland

The Field New Cross Co-Op : Maintenance costs for social and educational centre in south London

Justice for Domestic Workers : A charity launch event highlighting the issues and abuse still being suffered by domestic workers in the UK.

National Dis-Trust : A community grassroots effort to achieve a total ban of so-called ‘trail hunting’ on land belonging to The National Trust.

Bolsover Against Fracking : Campaigning costs for anti-fracking group in Derbyshire

Coventry Asylum & Refugee Action Group (CARAG) : Weekly meeting for asylum seekers and migrants to share experiences, mutual support, build community, gain knowledge and organisational skills, campaign around asylum injustices.

Empathy Museum : A participatory arts project (Walk A Mile In My Shoes), made with refugees and migrants, exploring and promoting empathy.

No 2 Nuclear Power : Assisting the developing co-operation between groups opposing nuclear development

Refill Horsforth : A free tap water initiative for local businesses to offer bottle refilling, reducing plastic pollution

Solution Zone : An Internet TV channel that focuses on raising awareness for environmental, community, economic and social solutions.

Sussex Green Living: 'Horsham Repair Cafe' teaching skills for repairing broken items rather than throwing them away

Transform Scotland : Campaigning to influence the direction of transport policy in Scotland for the next decade, towards sustainability via three critical Scottish Government transport proposals

Ibiza Cats (Eivissa Gatos) : A two week TNR programme for Ibiza’s feral and stray cats where we have permission to work from the local council under a bye-law. We aim to neuter 400 cats during this programme. In October 2016 we neutered 313 cats in 9 days between 4 of us.

National Dis-Trust : A community grassroots effort to achieve a total ban of so-called ‘trail hunting’ on land belonging to The National Trust.

Open Food Network UK : Develop a podcast to inspire and educate people to start up local food distribution projects driven by food sovereignty

Refugee Connection : Advocacy and Immigration Casework Clinic providing free tailored immigration and welfare advice for refugees, asylum-seekers and vulnerable migrants.

Cumbria LGBT Pride : LGBT Pride event in Cumbria

London Mining Network : Public activities with mining-affected community representatives from Brazil and Colombia around the BHP Billiton AGM in London in October

May Project Gardens : Environmental education in deprived areas of London

Teeside Socialist Clothing Bank : Making sustainable, reusable sanitary products and campaigning about menstrual poverty

Bind Food Waste Innovation Company : Kitchen equipment for food waste awareness campaign group

Cork Nature Network : The project is to develop a short film on otters in Cork City. The film will be used as a visual means of showing how important rivers are. The film will focus on the otter which is found breeding and living in Cork City and how wildlife can live with flood protection measures. The film will be presented during the Cork Film Festival

South Lanarkshire Against Unconventional Gas : Campaigning against unconventional gas extraction in Lanarkshire, Scotland

Eyes of Gaia : Building rainwater systems for indigenous families drinking contaminated water in Ecuador, coordinating Agroforestry course, and assisting local councils with waste management

Green House Think Tank : A conference for people interested in and/or committed to the idea of a green transition towards sustainability, both in the UK and globally.

Stonehill Community Garden : Polytunnel for educational forest garden project in Oxfordshire

Swansea Soil Carbon : Equipment and infrastructure for community growing project in Wales

Brixton Soup Kitchen : Contribution towards garden for homeless people, and employment support

Coordination Climat Justice Sociale : Tour of 11 European cities of four indigenous Standing Rock “water protectors” using civil disobedience, conferences, demos, concerts and lobbying to press banks and institutions to divest DAPL and fossil fuels

Full Stop Housing : Connecting those in precarious living situations with owners of vacant property in North London, to encourage progressive attitudes towards property rights and occupancy of empty buildings

Rethink Rebuild Society : Members of the Syrian refugee community helping Manchester’s homeless community

Centre for Criminal Appeals : Training for lawyers investigating miscarriages of justice, and a forum for impacted families

Climate Psychology Alliance : Software to upgrade the group's website to allow people to confront the difficulties of climate change

Energise Sussex Coast : Promotion of solar energy, including solar workshops in Hastings

Frack Free Upton : Public awareness raising about fracking in Upton in Cheshire

GETSET Wales : Sex education classes to prevent teenage pregnancy in Togo

Kingston Environment Centre : Community garden in Kingston

La Dolce Vita Project : Campaigning about domestic violence in Northern Ireland

Manchester Animal Action : Showing the public that veganism is the most environmentally friendly life style and how bad impact meat and dairy production has to our planet

Phosphoros Theatre : Afghan refugees to take a play about their lives to the Edinburgh festival

Ragtag Arts CIC : Promotion of a scrapstore, reusing offcuts and surplus materials, in Kendal

Stop Stansted Expansion : Campaign materials and public meetings to mobilise opposition to airport expansion threat

Townsend Touring Productions : A theatre project, telling the inspirational story of the Grunwick Strike and inspiring the audience to action

Marine Megafauna Foundation : Generating scientific research on threatened whale shark populations, to inform sustainable conservation solutions that engage local community stakeholders including eco-tourism operators and government bodies.

#TeamOtisUK : A campaign against animals being left in unsuitable environments causing unnecessary discomfort, and the application of the Animal Welfare Act.

The 10,000 Hours Foundation : A mini festival for the elderly to be led by young volunteers from the Creamfields Festival fanbase, aiming to break the loneliness suffered by the elderly whilst connecting young festival fans with volunteering

Earth for Life CIC : A woodland eco-therapy programme for adults who use mental health services in Scotland

Energy Democracy Greater Manchester : Exhibition and event at Manchester Science Festival 2017 about democratically owned energy company for Greater Manchester

London Gypsy and Traveller Unit : Visual public awareness campaign aimed at promoting equality and social inclusion of Gypsies and Travellers through challenging prejudice and negative stereotypes

Migrant Centre NI : A research project with the aim of illuminating BME women's experiences in the healthcare system and barriers that compromise their access to quality care

Shepway Chariots : Community garden in Kent

Badger Protection Group West Dorset : Setting up Camp Badger in West Dorset to accommodate activists and badger protectors during the cull and help these with fuel for the duration of the cull

Calais Migrant Solidarity : Rental of community and office space to support migrants in Calais

Fizz Bikes : Electric bikes for care workers in Poole, reducing carbon emissions and improving health of staff

MayDay Rooms : Subsidising meeting room hire for political campaigning groups in central London

The Meteor : Research, document and publicise Manchester's rising homeless problem in 10 feature length articles and a public meeting

Midwives for Choice : To pay for a representative to go to Geneva to give evidence to the UN Committee Against Torture about non-consensual medical intervention in childbirth in Ireland

New Europeans Association Ltd : A post-Brexit downloadable booklet directed to EU citizens living in the UK

Refugee Trauma Initiative : Refugee trauma support in camps across Europe

Somerset Badger Group : Purchasing a Thermal Imaging Camera to assist in research when rescuing / returning badger cubs (and other species) rather than keeping them long term in rescue centres

Frack Free Ryedale : Air, water, traffic and noise monitoring at fracking sites

Time to Cycle : Activist cycling tour from the UK to Ende Gelende climate protest in Germany, raising awareness about climate change

Animal Rescue Cambodia : Neutering project to spay 65 female animals at 2 Cambodian pagodas

Eckington Against Fracking : Campaigning materials and baseline monitoring for fracking group in South Yorkshire

eXXpedition Round Britain : Research sailing expedition around British Isles, trawling for plastics and toxics, raising awareness of ocean plastics pollutIion.

Frack Free Ryedale : Air, water, traffic and noise monitoring at fracking sites

Grassmovement : A four day festival, promoting grassroots groups, organising and activism in West Yorkshire

Keep Billingshurst Frack Free : Awareness raising materials and events at fracking site in Broadford Bridge in West Sussex

Rotherham Pride : LGBT Pride event in Rotherham

Scottish Badgers : Develop national strategy for badger crime recording with Police. Empower our volunteer network across Scotland, and the wider public, to recognise and report badger crime.

Cambridge Climate Action : Building compost toilets for grass roots events, ecological gatherings, anti fracking sites, demo sites, activist gatherings.

Early Asylum Support : A series of workshop sessions and supporting literature to help people seeking asylum in Sheffield with their main asylum interview

Europia : Advice and support for Eastern and Central European migrants in Manchester and the north west of England

Infinity Initiatives : Community cafe using surplus food from supermarkets, for free or donation

Linbee Dog Rehoming : A twelve month programme aiming to rescue, sterilise and vaccinate 24 bull breed dogs to facilitate wellbeing and enable rehoming

Permanently Brilliant : Creating a network of 'Creative Disruptors' in Cornwall and the south west of England

Frack Free York : Campaigning costs for fracking group, focusing on fracking planning applications in north Yorkshire

The Channel Project : Creative interventions around the UK which connect members of the public with refugees and migrants in detention centres via a live exchange of voice messages

City of Sanctuary : National conference for the network of grassroots City of Sanctuary groups, working towards the vision of making the UK a welcoming place of safety

European Association for Critical Animal Studies : Open access peer reviewed book with contributions from a range of multidisciplinary scholars who share a vision for how the end of animal research can be achieved

Free West Papua Campaign : Awareness campaign about West Papua, including swimming a global petition 69km across Lake Geneva to the UN HQ

Manchester Refugee Support Network : Training refugees and volunteers from the local community to deliver refugee awareness events to change negative attitudes towards refugees.

Nottingham Green Festival : A grassroots community festival promoting etchical living in Nottingham

Practical Tools Initiative : Setting up and equipping community groups to effectively campaign against land sales in Southern Sierra Leone, and help promote environmental awareness in timber and bushmeat trade.

Secretariat of the All-Party Parliamentary Group Friends of Syria : Printing of Syria Notes journal for UK Parliamentarians promoting pro human rights and pro democracy Syrian voices

Sheffield Donations for Refugees : Send committed volunteers to deliver donations and help where they are needed to refugees in France and other UK cities

Action for Refugees in Lewisham : Running costs for specialist advice service with qualified advisers for migrants in Lewisham

AOK Rucksack Appeal : Storage unit for charity supporting homeless people in Bournemouth

Art the Arms Fair : Art installation against the DSEI arms fairArt the Arms Fair : Art installation against the DSEI arms fair

Baobab Women’s Project : Training and advocacy to support migrant women in Birmingham

Beautiful Bowland Frack Free : Campaigning about fracking in the Ribble Valley, Lancashire

Birnam to Ballinluig Community Group : Proposing sustainable alternatives to the A9 Dualling Project in Scotland

Brighton Energy Coop : A facility to generate clean electricity at anti-fracking camps, including delivery, onsite training, workshops and storage of kit when not required

Divest Hackney : Two events promoting fossil fuel divestment in Hackney, London

Earth First! Gatherings : A gathering for environmental, animal rights and community campaigners to meet, skill share, discuss and reflect on the wider movement's future strategies

Envirolution : Community environmental festival in Platt Fields in Manchester

Forth Hedgehog Hospital : Pay for new cages to assist in the rehabilitation of hedgehog casualties

Frack Free Bridlington and Villages : Campaigning against fracking in East Yorkshire

Frack Free Isle of Wight : Campaigning about fracking on the Isle of Wight

Frackwatch Glasgow : A campaign to get fracking banned in Scotland

Gadael Tir - Leave Land : Musical tour of Wales highlighting land rights

Global Community Outreach : English classes and hot food, for asylum seekers in Bradford

Journey to Justice : Travelling exhibition and training programme telling the stories of ‘ordinary’ people involved in human rights campaigns

Just Enough UK : Workshops in primary schools on modern day slavery

Limity Jsme My (We are the Limits) : Climate camp in Czech Republic

Living Staff Living Wage : Campaigning about low wages in the entertainment sector

London Mexico Solidarity : Campaigning and demonstrations about human rights in Mexico

Marigold Chain : Restoring a waterpipe destroyed in a village during the Nepal earthquake

Meg Wah (My Earth) : Training 15 unemployed youths as volunteer ambassadors for environmental protection, working to engage 600 children in 6 kindergarten schools in Cameroon to be environmental ambassadors through outdoor learning

The Mens Room : A creative drop-in and engagement service for young male sex-workers with intensive one-to-one support

Mosborough Against Fracking : Campaigning costs for anti-fracking group in South Yorkshire

New Hope Community Action Camp : Equipment and publicity for protection camp against fracking in Lancashire

Pavilion : An exhibition in Leeds challenging racism, made in collaboration with a women’s group of refugees and asylum seekers

The Peoples Assembly : Carnival style floats for the 1 July national demonstration against austerity in London

Radical Housing Network : Emergency funding for support work for the Grenfell Tower disaster

Refugee Rights Data Project : Researching and documenting the situation of refugees in areas of the UK and France that are under-researched and documented, with subsequent campaigning and advocacy work

Respond : Tools, equipment, vehicles and running costs for construction project to support refugees in Greece

The Secret Garden Salisbury : An educational 3D virtual reality image city wide trail, designed to educate about the vulnerability of wild bees, and inspire new audiences to protect them

Tools for Empowerment : Skill sharing for marginalised groups

The Bare Project : An arts-based workshop and discussion event to accompany performance on solitary confinement in migrant detention centres in UK

Beyond Nuclear : Start up costs for new organisation to coordinate local groups campaigning against nuclear energy, and to promote sustainable alternatives

Bore Free South : Camping equipment for four potential protection camps against fracking in the south of England

BP or not BP? : Campaigning about BP sponsorship of the arts

Centre for Human Rights Education, Advice & Assistance : Raising awareness about the correct bail procedures in Malawi, improving access to justice, reducing overcrowding and providing support to recently released prisoners to reduce risk of re-offending

Cultivă Orașul : Promoting and practicing urban agriculture in Romania

Divergent Films : Documentary showing how people in British Columbia, Canada, are rising up to fight peacefully against the gas companies which threaten their rivers and water table

Eco Ruralis : Seed saving project in Romania

Environmental Justice North Africa : Solidarity visit by North African groups to local groups opposing phosphate mining in Tunisia

Federation of Indian Animal Protection : Campaigning for government policy and with large corporates in the food industry for selling cruelty free products resulting in mass-scale reduction of cruelty to farm animals

Fossil Free Hastings : Campaigning to persuade East Sussex County Council to divest their Pension Fund from fossil fuels

Frack Free Lincs : County wide campaigning about fracking and all unconventional oil and gas extraction in Lincolnshire

Global Resistance : International campaign against Coca Cola's water extraction in India

Goodwin Sands SOS : Campaign to prevent the destruction of the historically and environmentally sensitive area of the Goodwin Sands in the English Channel by dredging

Highlands Against Nuclear Transport (HANT) : Campaigning about transport of nuclear waste through the Highlands of Scotland

Independent Food Aid Network (IFAN) : Creation of a food poverty story bank through recording the stories of food aid recipients across the UK

Landworkers Alliance : Film screenings and regional events about transforming the food system

Manchester Migrant Solidarity : Day-to-day running costs of migrant support group in Manchester, campaigning for radical and social changes in immigration system, and feeding destitute refugees

Mental Pictures : A short film highlighting the lives of young migrants

MigrationWork Trust : An annual awards scheme and conference to reward and share best practice of initiatives which promote community integration of migrants and other residents.

NACCOM : Awareness raising events for national network of groups who supply accommodation for destitute asylum seekers

Navigate Cooperative Ltd : Three residential workshops on conflict resolution and building strong groups, for people involved in grassroots organising

The New Putney Debates : Celebrating the 1217 Charter of the Forest, demonstrating its contemporary relevance, through an exhibition, debates and a new charter of the commons

Otra Cosa Network : Waste campaigning and community composting in Peru

Peace in the Park : Peace festival in Sheffield

Roseacre Awareness Group : Outreach events, campaigning materials and room hire for anti-fracking group in Lancashire

Stop the Arms Fair : Peaceful protests at DSEI arms fair in London

Switched on London : Campaigning to push the Greater London Authority to establish a publicly-owned, democratic and affordable renewable energy company

Big Hearts Foundation : Spay &neuter programme based in RussiaBirmingham Friends of the Earth : Colour printer capable of printing booklets, postcards and posters

Birmingham Friends of the Earth : Colour printer capable of printing booklets, postcards and posters

Dorset for Badger & Bovine Welfare : Patrols to protect badgers during the badger cull

Frack Free Formby : Public meetings and campaigning costs to mobilise community against fracking planning applications in Formby

Frack Free Lancashire : Community screenings of 'The Bentley Effect' anti-fracking documentary across the north west of England

Frack Off London : Campaigning costs to energise campaigning against fracking in London, and supporting fracking campaigns in the south east

Himalayan Animal Rescue Trust : The purchase of a new vehicle to enable safe and secure transport of staff and dogs throughout Nepal

Hope and Play : Educational and psychosocial support for 1,800 children in Gaza

International Federation of Iraqi Refugees : A campaign to challenge racism against Arab, Christian and Yazidi refugees and to support freedom of movement.

International Otter Survival Fund : To provide vital education and training on otters to communities in Africa to encourage conservation

Kirby Misperton Protection Camp : Equipment for protection camp against fracking in North Yorkshire

Lancashire Nanas : Community screenings of 'The Bentley Effect' anti-fracking documentary in the Fylde area of Lancashire

Organise : A campaigning platform that allows women to organise digitally within UK companies to push for better rights at work – starting with better maternity rights.

Preston New Road Action Group : Monitoring equipment and campaigning costs for Lancashire anti-fracking group

Prickles Hedgehog Rescue : Equipment to support the expansion of the hedgehog rescue to support 400+ hedgehogs

Real Media : Video production covering and promoting direct action protests

Refugee Community Kitchen Outreach : Feeding homeless and displaced people in London and the UK

Rising Up! : Training and education about climate change for those taking action

Sandwell African Women Association : A campaign to oppose and combat Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Sandwell

The South Coast Spring Fair : A street fair celebrating the cultural diversity of Bournemouth, bringing communities together, with food stalls, live music and workshops

Three Acres and a Cow : Rehearsals for campaigning land rights band

Animal Nepal : Animal Nepal plans to spay/neuter 1000 dogs and vaccinate 2500 dogs in the year 2017. We also aim to treat 1500 sick and injured dogs over a 1-year period (January - December 2017). The total number of dogs benefiting will be 3000.

Bradford Refugee Week Planning Group : Events in Bradford during Refugee Week.

Cetacean Research & Rescue Unit : Funding towards a box trailer and specialised rescue supplies for the CRRU's marine conservation work with whales and dolphins in northeast Scotland.

Dorset Against Blood Sports : Project Modernisation involves the development of a new, innovative, covert, group intervention model in response to modern wildlife crime.

Exeter Scrapstore : Rental costs for community scrap store, recycling materials in Exeter.

Frack Free Nottinghamshire : Campaigning costs for group opposing fracking in Nottinghamshire

Help in Suffering : Operation of a rescue ambulance in which to rescue sick, injured and suffering animals and bring them to our hospital for treatment

Horse Sense Wirral : Emergency funding - Help with completing solid fencing.

Islay Dog Rescue (Ayrshire) : Repairs and maintenance for dogs exercise arena and security improvements for the dog rescue.

Israeli Society for the Abolition of Vivisection : A public campaign aimed to eliminate animal testing in medical schools and universities in Israel, by raising awareness and mobilizing public activism.

Keep Billingshurst Frack Free : Film screening, campaigning costs and camping equipment for fracking campaign in Sussex

Leeds Cat Rescue : Spaying and neutering feral and stray cats to prevent further breeding and improve long term welfare and offering affordable neutering/spaying for low income households.

Legs4Africa : Sending redundant prosthetics from the UK to mobility centres across West Africa to be readapted to fit the world's poorest amputees.

Lesvos Solidarity (Pikpa) : Emergency winter relief for refugees in Lesbos, Greece.

Markwells Wood Watch : Campaigning costs for group opposing oil exploration using acidisation in the South Downs National Park

Network for Clean Air : Gathering for community groups campaigning about air pollution, community air pollution monitoring kits, and a Clean Air Schools programme.

Plane Stupid : Campaigning costs for group opposing airport expansion

Pro Natura Foundation : Support the management of stray and abandoned domestic animals through the provision of facilities for the management of these and raising community awareness

Sisters Uncut : Campaigning and direct action against cuts to domestic violence and sexual abuse services in Glasgow.

Three Counties Dog Rescue : Meeting veterinary costs to rehabilitate animals taken in before rehoming.

Coal Action Network : A demonstration outside the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy at the conclusion of the coal phase-out consultation

Frack Off : Coaches to a national demonstration against fracking at Preston New Road in Lancashire

Manchester Parents Group : Running costs of LGBT parents group to attend events

Press Freedom: Domestic Extremist Film : A film that exposes 15 years of police surveillance on six journalists, following their High Court challenge against the legality of their Domestic Extremist files

A Voice For Leith Hill : Campaigning materials and tree survey at Leith Hill, threatened by fossil fuel extraction

Association of Lawyers for Animal Welfare : An alliance of animal welfare groups and lawyers who are coming together to represent the interests of animals as the UK prepares to leave the EU.

Bangladesh Krishok Federation : A demonstration for a land reclamation by landless peasants in Bengladesh

Birmingham Greyhound Protection : Providing emergency winter shelter for the dogs. Kennels, warm indoors fleeces, winter coats, warm beds and blankets.

Co-ops for London/London Co-operative Housing Group : Launch and publicity for report on the potential of housing co-operatives in London to provide low cost housing

Community Court Yard : Rucksacks full of essential items for homeless people in Northampton

Cuddly Critters Animal Rescue : To help with vet bills.

DIY space for London : Community printing facility at social centre in London

Frack Free Scarborough : Campaigning costs for fracking campaign in Scarborough

Grass Roots Remedies : Medical support for people within the asylum process via free herbal clinics in Glasgow.

Kerry Greyhounds UK : Funds towards ongoing kennel expenses

PEACH : Community campaigning about regeneration in east London.

Protect a Pup : Free dog spay and neuters for residents in Filwood and Knowle, Bristol.

We offer funding from £100 to £10,000 to grassroots groups that need help to make a positive difference to our world.

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