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Charity Support

During our last financial year in the UK, we donated over £1.6 million to small charities, campaigns and organisations working in the areas of environment, animal protection and human rights. Globally, we donated £6.3 million.

One of the exciting things about Lush is the fact that we can lend our support to grassroots groups around the world that need help to make a difference.

Charity Pot 

We created Charity Pot hand and body lotion in April 2007 in order to raise money for charities and other good causes. Every penny you pay, except the VAT, goes to helping these carefully selected groups and the work they do.

In our last financial year, our generous customers in the UK and Ireland raised £833,265 for vital and important grassroots campaigns and charities by buying Charity Pot. Thank you.

Globally, Charity Pot is now sold in 35 different countries and in our last financial year, sales raised over £4.8 million – all of it given away to frontline campaigns for animals, human rights and the environment.

If you're involved in a campaign or charity and would like to apply for funding from us, please have a look at our funding guidelines.


£20,000 Annual Awards

Lush Ltd give away £200,000 each year to 10 special groups we partner with, or think are making a vital contribution to social change. Find out who we funded in 2012, 2013 and 2014 here


For every bar of Fun soap we sell, 10p will go into the FunD. This money is granted to projects providing fun and recreational activities for children living in challenging environments. Read about some of the groups we've funded here


Other charity support

Although Charity Pot is the main source of charitable funds we also raise money through limited edition charity products and our self-imposed carbon tax (we tax ourselves on our flights and give this money to environmental groups).

Every year, we also give away £250,000 via the Lush Prize – the biggest prize in the non-animal testing sector. 

We also donate money through our SLush Fund to small farmers and producers. In our last financial year the SLush Fund donated over £900,000.


Lush Campaigns Presents: New Charity Pot

Comments (8)


about 2 years ago

Amazing for the skin and body, I just luvv it!


about 2 years ago

My name is Joseph Joestar of the Joestar family, a family from a wealthy background as financed by the Speedwagon corporation. I must thoroughly express my annoyance at one simple mistake that can be found on the 5th paragraph on the first main clause of the complex sentence that concerns finance. One has misspelled 'financial' to finanicial year but fortunately for you my inner grammar demons have exploded henceforth to correct your misdemeanor. Please rectify this mistake at once! - Joseph Joestar


about 5 years ago

Smells absolutely wonderful and does wonders for my skin I bought loads for my friends too


about 5 years ago

It's good to know the my goes somewhere special


about 5 years ago

Thank you for supporting Hunt Sabs, Lush. These selfless people are the only thing standing between hunters with unbridled wishes to inflict cruelty and our precious wildlife. Sabs frequently risk their own safety to carry out this work. Keep on supporting them please x


about 5 years ago

I'm not a hunt sab, nor am I affiliated with them. However I do like to make sure something I have read tallies up correctly and my conclusion is, if the hunt sabs are terrorists then, put simply, so are the pro hunters/hunters. There has been damage to Lush shops as well as numerous threats to staff in the shops from pro hunt campaigners. Plus a quick online search shows there have been countless charges against hunters who have been charged with violent conduct, assault and battery, in addition to aggressive behaviour towards hunt saboteurs and other members of the public. To me, this all adds up to what is good for the goose is good for the gander and people randomly accusing groups of being terrorists because they sit firmly one side of a debate is total rubbish! The fact the previous poster is insinuating that all hunt sabs are dole bludgers highlights their ability to rationalise (or not) a situation. Isn't fox hunting largely banned in England and Wales anyway? So how are there so many hunts for Hunt Sabs to attend? Lush, keep up the magnificent work in funding grass roots organisations....without you and your ethical customers, these groups would not be able to function as well. Good to see there is the odd corporation with a moral conscience.


about 5 years ago

I read recently that Lush is directly funding the terrorists in the Hunt Saboteur organisation. I find this abhorrent. The Hunt Saboteurs are a group of misanthropes responsible for injuring children, people, horses and dogs. They deliberately seek to enact violence on others in the bizarre belief it is deserved. This claim cannot be denied as supporters have been charged with violence, aggressive behaviour and serious assault. I'm surprised that any decent company would support such a group of dole-bludging terrorists. I have shopped at Lush in the past but will never again visit and will make it my business to tell all in my community about this misjudged publicity stunt by your company in aligning itself with terrorists.


about 5 years ago

Thank you Lush for supporting Hunt Sabs. It is the hunters who are the terrorists as they seek to inflict cruelty and torture on innocent animals. Hunt Sabs not only risk their safety to protect our wildlife, they also have saved the hounds who also suffer at the hands of these cold-blooded killers, not to mention the physical violence bestoed upon them. Please keep supporting Hunt Sabs! x