Christmas Gift Ideas: Give them what they want, what they really really want!

Heads up, it’s the 21st century! Not all women want candles. Not every dad wants slippers. However you celebrate over the festive season, finding the perfect gift doesn’t have to be as mind-boggling as unravelling your tree lights. Thankfully we’ve done the tricky bit for you. Relax, make yourself a cuppa and prepare to feel inspired after reading this gift guide that works.



Let’s start with something simple. What does the person you’re buying for like? Their favourite smells, their hobbies, even their favourite TV show will tell you something about what they might want for Christmas. Starting with the obvious doesn’t mean your gift has to be - it’ll just be informed by the lovely person you want to spoil.

Set the bar for fitness fanatics

Finding a pressie for the activity junkie in your life shouldn’t be a marathon task. There’s no need to hike around town looking for a winning gift, take it in your stride and see if any of these gifts hit the net.

Check it Out Gift

This present checks all the boxes for that person who loves to keep active. With products to rejuvenate and warm achy muscles after a workout (or just a few laps around the shopping centre!), the recipient will tingle all the way to the top of their game. All wrapped up in a reusable Knot Wrap, the unveiling of this gift will surely plaid out well too.

The Good Hour Spa Treatment

Aches and pains be gone with this 70-minute full body massage. If the person you’re giving to is in need of a deep tissue MOT with plenty of TLC, this is the gift for them. The plethora of benefits will leave them feeling fully revitalised.

Scentsational somethings for fragrance fiends

Pick a fragrance based on emotion and stories to give your pal with a passion for perfumery an experience along with their scent.

Karma Perfume

Take a trip back to 1960s London as heady patchouli and zesty lime linger on the skin. Intoxicating layers of orange, pine and lemongrass swirl around the senses and then settle for a groovy bohemian signature scent.

Snow Fairy Body Spray

For pixies, sprites and magical creatures of all kinds! Cloak yourself in candy floss and be spellbound by saccharine scents of bubblegum. A spellbindingly fantastical fragrance fit for fairies.

Dear John: The Road to Pelindaba

If the person you’re buying for loves the inspirations behind Lush’s fragrances, they’ll surely want to read about how Lush co-founder and perfumer Mark Constantine was reunited with his father. A gift that will sit beautifully on the shelf and in the mind, long after it’s been consumed.

Present either of these gifts in one of our Knot Wraps as a little extra special something. The stylish way to save paper. The lucky recipient can then reuse it to wrap another gift or wear it. For a Knot Wrapping tutorial, click here.

Pampering treats for busy bees

Know someone who needs a little ‘me’ time? We all have those people in our lives that are always occupied with one thing or another. Those are the people that are most in need of a rest, and a long soak in the bath will often do the trick. Give them a moment to pause with a perfectly chosen, pampering gift.

Merry Christmas gift

With four luxuriously calming and indulgent Christmas bath bombs, this gift is the perfect little package to help your loved one escape their hectic schedule. Comfort and joy will follow after the unwrapping of this gift full of firm favourites.

Tales of Bath spa treatment

Restore some energy and equilibrium back into someone’s day with an immersive 75-minute spa treatment which includes a relaxing, private bath in soothing Epsom salt minerals. A full-body massage with hot oils helps boost circulation and indulge the senses, while spoken word, poetry and music work as the perfect distraction from the outside world.

Extravagance for the extrovert

If you have a friend or family member whose expectations are high, it can lead to an element of unease when looking for a great gift. Keep calm and find them something that will shock and awe.

12 Days of Christmas gift

Give your true love (or your favourite family member) 12 treats to use this Christmas. Some are only satisfied with the spectacular, some will only accept the awesome. With a mixture pampering bath and shower products, the recipient of this gift will sing Fa la la la la long after the festive season is over.

Synaesthesia spa treatment

For those who deserve a truly metamorphic massage, this spa treatment combines holistic massage techniques with an orchestral soundtrack. A bespoke treatment for someone who likes to get fully immersed in their gift, this multi-sensory experience will leave your lucky recipient feeling dramatically different all through the holidays.

Think outside the box for the budding artist

If you’re drawing a blank (canvas) when it comes to what to buy the creative in your life look no further, #BathArt beckons as these gifts are sure to inspire.

Pyramid Gift

Like a box of chocolates for the bath, take your pick, you don’t have to stick with just one. With 12 treats to choose from, this present full of moisturising oils will send the senses soaring with every soak.

Dreamscape Gift

This beautiful box boasts bath bombs, wands, and spinners for creatives to have fun in the tub with. A bath gift of wonder, this gift is an absolute dream for people who like all their senses to be tickled as they soak.

Gift giving doesn't have to be difficult, your only job is to find somewhere to hide them. Find our Christmas gift range here.

Pssst: Struggling to find presents for people you don’t like? The answer is simple - don’t. Treat yourself to a bath bomb instead.

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