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In the Climate & Energy Room

Climate change is the defining issue of our time. Don't despair. Get informed, get inspired and get active with friendly climate activists from around the world.


Centre for Alternative Technology   

CAT is concerned with the search for globally sustainable, whole and ecologically sound technologies and ways of life, exploring and demonstrating a wide range of alternatives

Climate Outreach

We are Europe's leading climate change communicators, bridging the gap between research and practice and helping to widen engagement across a broader spectrum of society.

Frack Off

National network of community groups against fracking in the UK

The Nanas

We are a group of compassionate individuals from all walks of life, fighting to protect our communities from the harmful effects of unconventional energy extraction techniques like fracking, UGE, CSG, UCG and more

Roseacre Against Fracking

We are a group of Fylde residents in the north of England who are concerned about the prospect of fracking, not only in our area but nationwide

Frack Free Dee 

Frack Free Dee Coalition is a network of residents groups against unconventional gas extraction, based loosely around Cheshire and north Wales.

Indigenous Climate Action 

We work to ensure our communities, our rights, our culture and our knowledge systems are fully recognised, protected and implemented into any and all climate change policies in Canada.  

Seed Mob

Seed is Australia’s first Indigenous Youth Climate Network. We are building a movement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people working to make climate justice real for our people

UK Tar Sands Network

The UK Tar Sands Network campaigns in partnership with Indigenous communities affected by the Tar Sands oil developments in Canada

Biofuel Watch    

Biofuelwatch provides information, advocacy and campaigning in relation to the climate, environmental, human rights and public health impacts of large-scale industrial bioenergy.

Reclaim the Power

UK-wide Direct Action network, challenging the social, economic and environmental injustices of fossil fuel extractivism

Plane Stupid

Plane Stupid is a direct action network. We want to see airport expansion plans scrapped and an end to short haul flights.

Seize the Day 

Bold, beautiful frontline folk.

South West Against Nuclear

As the government slashes vital public spending, we really don't need dangerous and expensive nuclear power

No 2 Nuclear Power

Providing information on nuclear power in the UK and why it isn't the answer to climate change.

Airport Watch Europe

AirportWatch Europe is a network of airport and aviation activists from across Europe. We oppose the expansion of airports and the constant growth of flying. It is bad for the planet and for those living under the flight paths.

HACAN campaign against Heathrow airport expansion

A voice for those under Heathrow flight paths. Campaigning against aircraft noise, night flights, and further expansion of London Heathrow Airport.

ACIPA campaign against Nantes airport

Community group opposing the creation of an airport at Notre Dame des Landes, near Nantes in France.

Frequent Flyers Levy

Campaign for a fairer, greener tax on air travel: one tax-free ride every year, with a rising levy on each flight after that.

The Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination

Labofii introduces the idea of artivism, an indiscipline that lives on the edge between art and activism. What makes a direct action creative and effective? How can we boost our imagination when we plan actions and campaigns? 

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