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Compliance with the Law

We believe in complying with the law in each country that we operate in apart from any laws that require us to carry out tests on animals.

This is the only instance where we reserve the right to civil disobedience. We will of course campaign, lobby and seek to educate before we reach the point of civil disobedience. 

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Comments (2)


about 6 years ago

So how are you able to produce products without following the law?


about 6 years ago

Your web pages and catalogue's fail so show all the weights and proper sizes on some of the products. This is not transparent to the consumer. Some of the pictures are misleading as well, for instance you show small bath bombs with the same size picture as a large bath bomb misleading people into thinking they are getting more for their money. THIS PRACTICE IS ILLEGAL IN THE UK and must stop. I will allow until the end of January for you to correct the errors before I report you to trading standards and the weights and and measures people for these illegal practices.