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In the Conservation Room

Conservation and Environmental protection is a broad and vast subject often entangled with polarised and conflicting views. At LUSH, we support and help those fighting hard to end illegal, damaging and just downright wrong environmental practices that see some of our most cherished landscapes and special places disappear and the wildlife that wholly depends on it.

For the LUSH Summit, we've brought together a collection of people who've been busy campaigning hard in different areas, from individuals stopping the mass illegal killing of birds in the Mediterranean, activists exposing the cruel and vile 'trophy hunting' scene in North America and organisations battling to keep environmental legislation from going down the pan. So, for a whole series of inspiring talks, interactive Q&A sessions and workshops come and say hi to our conservation team!

The speakers

CEO of People Need Nature, Miles King, nature blogger and conservationist who has led preservation work at Plantlife, The Grasslands Trust and Buglife. Miles has also worked for a number of Wildlife Trusts, Natural England and Dorset AONB.  

Representatives from Pesticide Action network, the only UK charity focused on tackling the problems caused by pesticides and promoting safe and sustainable alternatives to pesticides in agriculture, urban areas, homes and gardens.

Representatives from the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, the largest nature conservation charity in the country dedicated to creating bigger, better and more joined-up spaces to save our wildlife, and our shared home. You can read more about their collaboration with Lush to save Britain's hen harriers here.

Representatives from Birdlife International, a global partnership of independent organisations working together for nature and people, and currently especially dedicated to saving Europe's environmental laws.

Representatives from the Wildlife Defence League, an organisation that combines advocacy with outreach and field work to defend wildlife in Columbia from exploitation.

Representatives from the Committee Against Bird Slaughter, a reactive society that intervenes against the illegal actions of bird trappers, hunters or animal traders in line with current nature protection legislation in Europe.

Representatives from Rewilding Britain, a charity that wants to bring about the mass restoration of ecosystems in Britain, on land and at sea

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