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Exchange any product or gift you are not satisfied with it for whatever reason. You, the customer, are always right and if you are not happy with a Lush product, let us find a suitable alternative which will knock your socks off. 

If you would prefer a refund, then no problem; just bring the product and your receipt.

If you are unsure of which products will be suitable for you, let us give you a consultation with samples to try.

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Comments (32)


about 3 days ago

Hi I was in the Birmingham store last week and purchased 4 products. The lady (Bailey I think her name was) done 2 separate transactions as one was cash and 1 was card but only gave me 1 receipt i wouldn’t have minded but I need to return something but it isn’t on the receipt I have it’s on the one the woman didn’t give to me which also was the cash transaction. I was really annoyed when I got home.


about 1 month ago

Today I was served by a girl named Rati in the Bluewater store. Her customer service was absolutely amazing! After being ignored by a manager and remember of staff (they literally walked away) Rati asked if me and my mum needed any help. Her knowledge of the products was very impressive and she helped us find everything we wanted!! Amazing customer service and a truly lovely genuine person. Couldnt have had a better experience at Lush in Bluewater.


about 2 months ago

Visited the Victoria Station store in Kings Cross today with my girlfriend, and was by far the best customer service and customer experience I’ve had in any retail store. Tisha and Rei (if that’s spelt correctly) were really welcoming and gave us demonstrations, and were overall super engaging and warm with us. Would definitely recommend, staff and the overall experience were amazing.


about 4 months ago

I have just been to lush and I didn’t have the best time. A employee came over and asked if I knew what I was looking for. I was looking for the new shampoo and conditioner bars to try. They replied with well they aren’t knew, to be honest they have been out for a while. The way they said it was like he was disgusted I didn’t know they had been out for that long. It made me feel stupid and I was just disappointed with my experiance at the shop.


about 7 months ago

I am a pharmacist, and I was disgusted with the handling of the products between customers. While I love the smell of the Lush products, I will never purchase a Lush product again for fear of contracting a bacterial or viral infection. For example, when I was in the Liverpool street train station store, the sales associate proceeded to grab the cream off the shelf that was labeled as a tester product and put his bare hand into the cream and rubbed it all over my hand. I was surprised that they would share the products between customers without individually scooping out a sample with a disposable stick and container. No reputable cosmetic company would ever share products between customers without using a clean disposable spatula or cup. When I asked the sales associate if he washes his hands between customers, he said no. Next, I noticed a man with body sores all over his back and hands, and made a comment to another sales associate that they should not be sharing products among customers and gave this as an example. The sales associate clearly heard me and shrugged me off. It appeared the salesman was friends with the customer and was turning a blind eye to the potentially contagious sores. The sales associates were pushy and all huddled in a dirty back room behind the counter. The staff was clearly not interested in the safety of its customers. The entire experience was unpleasant and pushy, and I walked away with an unsettling experience for fear of catching a topical disease. After reading the other comments on this page, it is clear that I share the same concerns about the hygiene of their products, and will be revisiting the store in a few days to determine if they have read my comment and taken steps to protect the public.

about 8 months ago

Hi LUSH, I have been coming to your shops now for around 15 years and absolutely love your products, but recently i have been a little put off coming into my local shop. I dont like making complaints, so this is more of suggestion. I particularly love how helpful your staff can be but i really do know a lot about your products as i come into the shop every couple of weeks. Lately i feel harrassed when i shop. Yesterday after bracing myself for the overly helpful staff, i hadn't been in the shop even 5 seconds when i could see someone approaching me before the door had even closed behind me. I was asked "can i help you?" to which i replied politely "no thanks, i know what i want". The member of staff then started to show me all of the easter products that i wasn't interested in. I politely replied "I dont even want any of these i am here for the bubble bars". She then followed me over and started explaining what they were (i knew!). I told her again that i didnt want the things she was showing me and that i knew what i wanted and i walked off, a little irked. She followed me again, and continued to show me things i didnt want. I understand they are trained staff but please please please have a word with them and tell them no means no. Its making me not want to go into the shop anymore, and you really wont be losing money as i want to shop but i also want to be left alone to do so sometimes!


about 8 months ago

I visited your gorgeous new shop in Oxford today and had the best service ever! Marica ( sorry if spelling is wrong), is an absolute Gem, she patiently adviced on a rage of different products sharing an impressive wealth of knowledge but at the same time being super friendly and fun. I just wanted to replace a face mask, but left with some gorgeous other products and some really cool samples I was very keen to try. I will be back many times to buy loads more from Marica because she is a true asset to your company and I feel lucky to have access to her. Thank you so much Larissa Hammersley


about 9 months ago

I don’t know the name of the girl that helped me today in the Brighton Lush store but she was a dream!! Seriously can’t thank her enough for how lovely, kind and helpful she was. My whole shop/time in the store felt like an experience and I really enjoyed it. Thanks Lush!


about 10 months ago

I tried to browse at one of your West Mids stores today. (I shan’t say which one as it’s not really the staff’s fault as they are told what to do). I was greeted at the door which was nice, but had not been in there even two minutes before two separate members of staff sidled up next to me trying to ‘help’ and being really fake-cheery with rehearsed open-ended questions that just do not sound genuine. I cannot stand pushiness and I am not alone in this. Some of us just want to look around, get inspiration and see what’s new in shops. There’s always plenty of staff hanging around to ask if we do need assistance, and it should be easy for staff to spot who genuinely does need advice and guidance (eg customer squinting at list in hand, puzzled looks at shelves etc). I walked out as quick as I could and didn’t buy purely because I felt harassed and uncomfortable so this has lost you sales today. I was dressed smartly so hopefully didn’t appear to be an undesirable who you might wish to closely observe, but this does cross your mind when you are pestered.


about 10 months ago

I bought my 9th pot of cosmetic warrior few days ago before I have to leave to another country for a trip and last night I found out it was already used item. Since I won't be in the country for a trip by tomorrow and planning on using it while I am away, I called the shop and had to "visit the shop" again, spending yet more money. When I visited the shop and asked for the supervisor, she showed up with the new pot of cosmetic warrior and a deformed 'full of grace serum' that was covered with dust and fluff. I was so greatful until I saw the condition of the item. It was clearly something that they had lying around in the back of the shop that they just palmed off on to me. I am not happy with how Lush treats a loyal customer like myself. Seriously questioning whether I'll ever go back again.