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Designed to last: Using recycled plastic in store design

If you’ve popped down to your local Lush store recently, or have been keeping a keen eye on the ‘gram, you may have noticed a shakeup in the way our stores look.

Alongside the traditionally used reclaimed wood and recycled yogurt pot table tops, boxes and sheets of clear plastic are being used to innovatively display a range of bath bombs and exclusive party products.

This may seem like a strange choice of decor. After all, an estimated 8300 million metric tonnes of virgin plastics have been produced to date, with 90.5% of this not actually being recycled. Most of this plastic waste ends up polluting our oceans, rivers and land, so why have Lush made the decision to use acrylic plastic in displays?

To make sure every bit of plastic used in our stores and products can be reused and recycled over and over again, Lush work with Amari plastics to source and utilise recycled acrylic from Madreperla - a family run business led by owner and managing director Antonella Annunziata.

Madreperla started out in the 1950s in Milan, creating strong acrylic alternatives to natural mother of pearl buttons. Over the past sixty years, the company has boomed into Italy’s leading acrylic manufacturer, producing the only 100% recycled acrylic sheets in the world. Acrylic is the only plastic that can be broken down without degrading, meaning it can be indefinitely recycled. This plastic really is fantastic!

Madreperla are able to accept plastic that would otherwise be sent to landfill. 100% of the plastic they receive can be recycled. The waste pigment leftover is burnt for energy and any gasses that are given off from the recycling process are collected and used to heat production areas. As no waste is created from the production process, nothing ends up in landfill.

You’ll find this Greencast acrylic in Lush stores across the world, creating unique display pieces, shelving and much more. The material is strong, easy to clean and creates beautiful displays to hold an array of products. What’s more, when these display units do become damaged or unused, they’re simply sent back to Madreperla and given a new lease of life as a brand new acrylic creation. 

By using non-virgin plastic where possible and sometimes ditching the packaging all together, Lush’s future looks increasingly green. We are, and always will be, committed to finding eco friendly ways to display our products in order to keep our planet tidy and reduce waste. Pop into your nearest Lush store or contact our Customer Care team if you have any questions. 


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