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Discover the new Lush app

It's 'appy hour!

The new Lush app is here, giving you the opportunity to explore, discover and shop fresh handmade cosmetics on the go.

With our brand new app - created in collaboration with digital design studio ustwo - you can:

  • Browse our latest range with everything from soaps to spa treatments, perfume to hair care
  • Purchase fresh products quickly and securely on the go!
  • Access exclusive ‘Fresh from the Kitchen’ products
  • Search by your favourite ‘scent’ or ‘feeling’ with our new browsing tools
  • Login to your Lush online account and view your order history
  • Discover the inspiring stories behind our ingredients sourcing, our ethical campaigns and our dazzling gift designs.

'We’re all about feedback. We’re listening to everyone that uses the app and we’re not actually going to decide now what we’re going to build next. We’re going to let the customers and the staff tell us what they want, so it will be completely down to them to influence how this app will grow.' says Adam Goswell, Digital Designer.

We want to hear from the fantastic customers and staff who share our passion for fresh handmade cosmetics on what they want the future of our new app to look like. Please let us know your thoughts and feedback by sending them to [email protected].

'At Lush we make products and our digital team are no different. The new app is our latest product and we are very excited about it. Just don't throw it in the bath.' says Andy Russell, Creative Director.

Try our new iPhone app to experience life with a Lush in your pocket. Happy apping!

Comments (4)


about 1 year ago

So sad its not available for my phone


about 4 years ago

Could you make an app for Microsoft? I feel like its not really fair only allowing it for Apple users.


about 5 years ago

I'd like this on android too.

Michelle Duggins

about 5 years ago

Any chance this will be released for Android? I won't buy Apple products, they are really unethical but I would love to use this app. Please do an Android version too!