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Eco Valentine’s Day Gifts: Go plastic-free!

Valentine’s Day has been a staple holiday for people to express their devotion to their loved ones since the 17th century. But with all the carefully chosen gifts, flowers and cards that make their way into the hands and hearts of the beloved around the world, bundles of plastic and non-recyclable wrapping materials make their way into landfill.

A report by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation found that the production of plastic has grown exponentially over the past 50 years from 15 million tonnes in 1964 to over 300 million in 2014 - and is expected to double in the next 20 years. 

So this year, why not give something a little different to your special someone, do your bit for the planet and go naked. No, not literally, but by stripping back on excess packaging. Show your partner, friend or crush how much you care while also showing some love for Mother Earth.

Naked in the bathroom

We all know you bare all to bathe, but did you know that the majority of the Lush 2020 Valentine’s range is packaging free? This means more room for high-quality ingredients in your products and more room for goodies in your gift.

So what are you waiting for? Have a browse at these recommendations and present your loved one with a naked present this year! 

Let soap it lasts

Sometimes, the easiest way to show our emotions is with the power of an emoji. Give them suds worthy of a swipe right with Aubergine soap. This handful is seriously packing - with litsea cubeba, bergamot and tonka, a sparkling scent that will last all day on the skin. 

Massage more than their ego

If showing your love involves getting hands-on, Naked Attraction massage bar will let you do just that! Sensual jasmine and uplifting mimosa combine and shake up your senses, putting you in sync with your partner as you glide this richly moisturising solid massage bar all over their skin. 

Feeling fruity

Why not give that special someone a peach of your heart with a Peachy bath bomb? Filled with a cheeky splash of cleansing fresh peach juice and swirls of sweet davana oil, they'll be sure to be left feeling uplifted and perky - it’s the perfect sweet treat after a fruity session.

Give them your heart

If you want to tell someone how you really feel, then what better way than by giving the key to your heart? Love Locket Amazeball contains multi-coloured mini heart bath bombs that your loved one can shake into their bath. They can then decide to indulge and chuck the entire shell in for fabulous foam, fizz and scents of tonka and Brazilian orange oil, or they can save it for another time.

Shower them in love

If your love prefers to shower, Give them the happy ever after they deserve with Prince Charming naked shower gel. Vanilla pod decoction and marshmallow root will comfort while grapefruit oil and fresh pomegranate juice refresh and brighten skin. If they’re not sharing the shower with you, this nude noble is the next best thing.

Forget me Knot Wrap

No gift would be complete without something to wrap it in! Instead of wrapping all of your romantic goodies in paper or bags, why not pick a reusable Knot Wrap? Made from either organic cotton or recycled plastic bottles, Knot Wraps make the perfect final flourish to your gift. If words fail you, tie up your goodies in this You’re The Best Knot Wrap and let the package do the talking.

Undress to de-stress

A gift recommendation about going naked wouldn't be complete without mentioning a spa treatment! Trade in the boxes of chocolate and candies for an experience, and present them with The Comforter? treatment instead, where a hot chocolate scrub and rose body serum help that special person drift off to a world of sweets scents and pure imagination.

So, whether you’re looking to treat somebody special or treat yourself (because self-love is important, after all), Valentine’s Day needn’t be a messy affair. Strip off, go naked and give the world some love with a zero-waste gift this year.

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about 2 years ago

This is one reason I love lush. The packaging and ingredients are environmentally friendly. I often reuse all my paper bags and ribbons or boxes that come from lush. I got my other half a nice collection of bath treats in a bauble style packaging for christmas, and I've encouraged him to refill it rather than throw it away. My most magical lush ingredients are ylang ylang, lavender, orange flower and I love the honey that goes into the shower gels. I have even tried the mens products and found they too are brilliant for my skin. In our world, our land is often polluted by plastics, polythene and many other materials that can be quite damaging to our environment and the animals in it too. Some of these materials also get into the sea, damaging our wildlife, and toxic chemicals from the things used in our bath and personal care often go with it, polluting our waters and ruining the beautiful world we live in. Its good to see Lush working to reduce the harm being caused to our planet because 'self care is also caring about the world we live in'


about 2 years ago

Disappointed you are only releasing a naked version of the shower gel. I bought one of the Christmas ones to try, but having no shower I have found the only way I can use it is a soap - and it is very messy this way, with drips that stain too. I'm in line with the theory of reducing packaging, but having tried a few different naked products they are very hit and miss in terms of whether they function well enough to be an acceptable substitute. A laudable idea, but sadly introduced without sufficient testing (on non-paying customers) or thought. You may risk losing much of your customer base by imposing this on us without offering traditional alternatives which work better for many.


about 2 years ago

I can understand where you're coming from with doing all naked products, but when it comes to some products like shower gels, not everyone likes them, myself included, why not have the option of both? I would love to try this new one but i just can't stand the new naked format. they are messy and horrible to store. On the topic of shower gels, I don't understand why you've gotten rid of the 100g bottles. They were so handy to try out shower gels to see if i liked the scent or not but now I think twice buying any of the larger bottles because a) I can't always afford it and b) I don't want to spend that much on something I may or may not like.


about 2 years ago

It feels really good buying products that don't harm the environment. Thank you Lush for releasing a completely naked valentine's Day range. Definitely looking forward to use the new shower cream with the new formula.


about 2 years ago

Thank you for not listening to your disabled customers who have told you that the Naked Shower Gels are difficult to use. You've ignored us completely and released a naked only version of Tender is the Night. Gel in bottles is easy to use for a disabled person, you open, squirt, lather. This is why we DON'T use bars of soap. Now you're giving us what is effectively a bar of soap and we're back to the old ways of struggling to lather up a sponge with a cumbersome bottle shaped bar of "soap".