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Environmental policies

Seeking high standards of environmental awareness whilst providing masses of bathroom-based joy.


The Lush Green Policy lays out the commitments Lush has made to environmental issues and reminds us that there is always more we can, and should, do. 

Core elements include:

  • Keep environmental issues at the heart of the business and take them into account when making decisions.
  • Commit to keeping in line with legislation and going beyond it to create new green initiatives.
  • Use recycled materials for in-store packaging, printed materials, office paper, and collect black pots from customers for recycling.
  • Set a target for recycling rates in the shop and continually work towards it, until one day we hope to reach the dream of Zero Waste.
  • Commit to having the best possible recycling service in our stores and offices, and in training staff to implement this.
  • Commit to reducing air-freight of products and ingredients and use green transport to distribute it to stores wherever available. 
  • Choose trains over planes for staff transport.
  • Set targets for saving energy. Pledge to use green energy suppliers if available and buy energy-saving equipment.
  • Pledge to campaign for environmental issues, empower staff to make a difference and have a thriving programme of Green champions.


Black Pot recycling Scheme

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Lush Cosmetics - Our Environmental Policy

Comments (6)


about 1 year ago

We have just purchased some bath bombs. They all contain glitter. Does this glitter biodegrade or it is actually micro plastic particles that will go down the drain and end up in the ocean?


about 2 years ago

love it love it love it omgggggg


about 3 years ago

This Christmas I've pledged to reduce the amount of plastic that I buy and to not to buy any product containing any glitter whatsoever. I was wondering if the "glittery" elements contained within a great many of your products were free from metals and plastics? Having watched Blue Planet II I'm concerned about the large amount of plastics and metals that unnecessarily end up polluting the land and sea,


about 5 years ago

Im a muslim . Is it 'halal' for us ? Do u use any of pigs or dogs fats ? Or anything that similar with it ? Can we 'muslims' use it ?


about 5 years ago

Non of LUSH's products are tested on animals or contain animals fats. The only animals derived products are honey and eggs. Perhaps some of they dyes are insect based? The individual product ingredients are all online for you to see and check. Some products do contain alcohol but non-alcohol versions can be ordered. The best thing to do would be to ask in store, the sales assistants are always friendly and happy to help.

Lush Customer Care

about 3 years ago


That's right! Although none of our dyes are insect based. We'd much rather use synthetic colours than use a colour which has to be harvested from insects. We're a fully vegetarian company with roughly 80% vegan products.