Everything you need to know about Jelly Bombs

Ever seen a spook, spectre, or ghost? What about a bath bomb which releases jelly? The mad scientists have been hidden in their labs, whipping up jumping jellies for sensationally soft skin.

Your mind is probably wandering back to the gunge tank in 90s TV hit: Get Your Own Back, but Jelly Bombs are far more than a soak in slime…

Jelly Bombs are the next step in the world of ballistics; an ongoing pursuit of extraordinary colours, textures and shapes to surprise and bewilder in the bathtub. A category in their own right, as they bob and fizz Jelly Bombs release a spectacular jelly made from sodium alginate, which comes from a mineral-rich seaweed. Aside from being wonderfully entertaining, this gooey jelly is superbly softening and soothing on the skin.

Product inventor and digital director Jack Constantine explains: ‘I’m always very interested in what we can create in terms of textures and colours in the water. It’s all about creating something that is a bit of a spectacle and is unique whilst retaining benefits to the skin.’

There’s four jaw-dropping Jelly Bombs ready to hit your bath water and break the (jelly) mould.

First up, don’t be shy and take the gunge into Ectoplasm; a limited edition Jelly Bomb for Halloween, with a zingy, zesty fragrance. Uplifting tangerine and grapefruit oil refresh the mind, while restorative litsea cubeba promotes relaxation.

Why not become a professor of Secret Arts? Sink into deep, inky black water and inhale a spellbinding Brazilian orange oil and spicy cinnamon leaf oil mist. As this mystifying Jelly Bomb fizzes it dissolves into a dark jelly which wraps around the skin, conditioning and nourishing it with mineral-rich seaweed and almond essential oil. Conjure up this enchanting soak and perplex witches and wizards with your bathtime sorcery.

If you are struggling to catch some Z’s look to The Big Sleep. It’s crammed with chamomile and lavender and creates a  soothing jelly to moisturise your skin and lull you into deep slumbers. Neroli oil lifts you into floral rapture, while caramel sweet tonka absolute evokes old fashioned sweet shops. This uplifting Jelly Bomb comforts and calms, so you can let go of lingering tensions.  

Finally, Turtle is a pine cone lovers dream, packed with hand-harvested sea salt to cleanse and soften the skin. Cypress oil has antiseptic and relaxing properties which make this Jelly bomb perfect for a winter soak.

Work hard? Then play even harder. Choose one of these joyful Jelly Bombs and discover playtime again.

Dark Arts Jelly Bomb
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about 4 months ago

The first time I took the jelly bomb it was all broken up jelly and I was disappointed. Then a friend who is a Lush employee told me to hold the jelly bomb under the water and the results were a lot better! Was the whole tub jelly? Of course not. But the top layer was! I’m not sure if I’d rush to get another jelly bomb but it was nice!


about 5 months ago

I purchased the big sleep Jelly bomb after a demonstration in the shop. Yes I agree that in the small sink the water felt thicker and more jelly like than when I actually used it in the bath. But I have to say how thoroughly clean and cleansed I felt afterwards. My skin felt soft and cared for. The actual bath water went the most beautiful shade of blue green I have ever seen! There was no problem at all with any plug blocking. The water went down lovely and no issue in cleaning the bath afterwards, no blue stains or anything. I tend to suffer from thrush from many bath products and did not have any reactions to this product. I would recommend, and I will be purchasing again. The bath was very relaxing.


about 6 months ago

i was going to order this, but after reading the comments which are ALL negative, im not going to get it. its actually funny how no one likes it


about 6 months ago

Would not recommend!!! So I didn’t realise the jelly was supposed to dissolve... it didn’t dissolve and has now blocked the pipes and plug hole. Thanks Lush!


about 10 months ago

I really would not recommend rushing to buy these. We had a demo of what the jelly feels like in the shop and purchased today. We were really disappointed as in a bath you do not get the same effect. Its just the ratio of water that it is disolved in that makes a difference. In a small bowl of water it really does feel like silky slime, but there is a lot more water in your bath so dont expect the same. I will not be deceived again in to buying this product wish I could get my money back.

about 12 months ago

I saw a demo in store of a jelly bomb with lots of lovely purple jelly floating on top of the water. I purchased a jelly bomb and was really disappointed. It behaved just like an ordinary bath bomb. No jelly in sight. Very disappointed!


about 1 year ago

Very very disappointed to find no Jelly Bombs in the Reading shop. Staff told me that they wouldn't be getting them because the shop is "close enough to the Oxford Street store". This is utterly ridiculous.


about 1 year ago

I've had the same problem it didn't dissolve. Just bobbed around doing nothing. Very disappointed :(


about 1 year ago

My jelly bomb didn't work what do i do. My jelly bomb stopped fizzing even when it was boiling hot I did what I was told at the shop. This ruined my day and it was very expensive. Please help?


about 1 year ago

Good morning, I am very keen to try one of these, however; you really haven't answered any questions on your new product. 1) how is the clean up? 2) how does this affect the pipes? 3) do the ingredients play any sort of role in vaginal issues? 4) what other ingredients are in the Jelly Bombs? You only talk about the seaweed, fragrance and colour. There are many more questions regarding your Jelly Bombs, and please, do not get me wrong. I so want to try one. Just, you haven't answered any questions other than promoting Lush as an innovator, customer pleaser and the scents/colours of your Jelly Line. Which is great, just I do feel that if you are going to post an article titled, "Everything you want to know about..." should really include further information. Thank you for your time.
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