The evolution continues: The Lush Labs App has launched

The Lush Labs App has launched - a place for you to see our latest big ideas and digital innovation as it happens, but most importantly, a place where you, our digital community, can get involved. We’re inviting you to test run apps as they are created by our very own ethical Tech Warriors. 

Creativity is often at its finest when we are presented with challenges or problems to solve. Perhaps this is why the Lush co-founders decided to present themselves with a hypothetical challenge in the form of a waterless, signage-free bath bomb shop.

After much spitballing, design for Lush Harajuku (an exclusive bath bomb shop in Japan) began and it was decided that this would be the first Lush shop without demo stations or signage with information such as price and ingredients. But how would customers learn about the products and still have a five star shop experience?

The tech warriors were on hand to develop a digital solution in the form of the Lush Labs App. The app was to include a feature called Lush Lens, which would allow customers to easily learn about and identify packaging-free products by snapping a photo of the item.

Lush Lens was to be just one of many features to go into the new Lush Labs App, a place for Lush’s latest digital experiments to be housed. The main objective of the project is to continue providing a Lush experience that is fresh, innovative, and most suited to your customer needs. We’ll continue to create new apps shaped by your feedback and with the creativity of our developers. You’ll be able to trial our newest tech ventures and feedback using the hashtag #LushLabs, helping us to refine these ideas and make them the best they can be.

Development of the app

The Tech Warriors are an in-house R&D team who work on concepting tech solutions to real world problems. Whether they’re working on utilising AI technology, or building their own ethical innovations, the department are dedicated to discovering, reimagining and reshaping how Lush utilises and integrates technologies across the business and beyond. Adam Goswell, who leads the team that develops digital projects like apps and websites, explains:

"Unconventional ideas such as removing conventional equipment and replacing it with digital technology in just 2 months was challenging for the Tech Warriors team, but at the same time increased creativity and our motivation for development.

"The most unique thing about the Lush Labs App is the development process. We don't invest a huge amount in market research and advance planning like other companies. This is because we feel we can create products that perfectly suit the needs of users by quickly trying creative ideas that customers are likely to enjoy and then listening to their feedback.”

Not a company to shy away from kooky concepts, recent ideas in the pipeline include a device that changes the music and colour in your bathroom to match your chosen bath bomb, and an original voice system that answers when spoken to.

If that’s all sounding a little space age though, here are a few exciting applications you’ll find within the Lush Labs App.

  1. Lush Lens

Lush Lens helps you to identify packaging-free products and learn about their ingredients, benefits and use. You can even watch digital demos with the touch of a button. Simply take a photo of the product you want to know more about and the app will automatically tell you more. Currently the app features products that appear in any Lush Naked Shop, where you’ll be able to use this smart app to cruise the shelves, but depending on your feedback, we hope to add all packaging-free products to the app in the future.

  1. AR Bath Bomb Hunt

Crack clues in seven countries around the world, and discover giant AR bath bombs. Who knows, maybe there’s one hidden in your nearest city! Once you’ve found a virtual bath bomb you can share your victory with friends.

  1. Harajuku Friends

Meet your new best bathing buddy - introducing Harajuku Friends, the app where you can choose from seven AR bath bomb stickers. Watch as these animated characters get expressive, then take a photo to share them with your pals!

There’s more to come

We’ll be adding new features and applications to Lush Labs App as we work on them, optimising their functionality based on you feedback and impressions. Tell us what you would like to see on Lush Labs and keep sharing your feedback and thoughts on social using the #LushLabs hashtag. Download the Lush Labs App today and start your adventure.

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Hi! Please create the app for us androis too! Thanks ;3