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An exclusive Karma spa soundtrack performance

Attendees at the #LushSummit in Tobacco Docks, London, were treated to a live performance of the Karma spa soundtrack on Wednesday 8th February.

Get a taste of this magical soundtrack here.

1. Intro/Inward Journey

Featuring Sheema Mukherjee on sitar and Simon Richmond on keys.

A soundscape journey made from recordings around Indian cities, taking us from the outside world of hustle and bustle and into a more meditative space.

2. Chakras

Featuring Sheema Mukherjee on vocals, Simon Richmond on keys and Barney Morse Brown on cello and looper.

This track accompanies the therapists as they work their way up the chakra points on the spine in harmony to the corresponding musical scale.

3. Durga

Featuring Sheema Mukherjee on vocals, Simon Richmond on keys, Ali Friend on bass and Charlie Casey on guitar.

Originally sung acapella by vocalist Abhradita Bannerjee's eight-year-old son in the Trivandrum studio in Kerala.

4. Brother’s Song (working title)

Featuring Sheema Mukherjee on sitar and vocals, Simon Richmond on keys, Ali Friend on bass and Mitel Purohit on tabla.

Rhythmic work-out created from a collage of recordings of Rajasthani musicians, Kolkata percussionists and schoolchildren singing along to Abradhita Bannerjee’s vocals.

5. Jalaalaby

Whole band including the string quartet. Featuring the vocals of legendary Manganiyar musician Jalaal Khan and Sheema Mukherjee.

6. Sitar and Harp (working title)

Whole band featuring Ruth Wall on harp.

7. Riverbank Radio

Featuring Simon Richmond on keys, with string section. Based on recordings made on the waterways of Aleppy in Kerala with music written to fit.

8. Orphans (working title)

Whole band, originally featuring the vocals of children from a Keralan orphanage.


Performed by musicians:

Sheema Mukherjee - sitar and vocals

Simon Richmond - keyboards and vocals

Charlie Casey - guitar

Ali Friend - bass

Mitel Purohit - tabla

Ruth Wall - harp

John Metcalfe - viola

Louisa Fuller - violin

Sophie Harris - cello

Rick Koster - violin


The Karma treatment is exclusively available to buy and have in Lush Spa Oxford Street from the 19th March 2017, with treatment vouchers also available to buy online. Book in by calling 0207789 0001 or emailing [email protected].

Further UK Lush Spas will also begin offering this treatment in late summer 2017. 

Learn more about the Karma spa treatment.

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