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Experiencing the Tales Of Bath

What is it that we all crave, but never seem to achieve? Pure relaxation.

No matter how hard we try, sometimes the act of forcing ourselves to relax is enough to cause us so much stress that we just go with our busy lives. As I learned, the Lush Spa's Tales Of Bath treatment allows you to to swim away from responsibility just for a little while and return to reality feeling refreshed and content.

This sleep-inducing treatment, inspired by the folklore surrounding the Roman Baths in the ancient city of Bath, begins with a tale, part lullaby, part love story. It’s the myth of King Bladud, an ancient King who founded a spa in the Somerset Valley in the name of the pagan goddess Sulis, so that all who visited could be healed by the hot springs.


As your spa therapist performs a seated shoulder rub, pressing down on your chest, neck and shoulders through a warm and cosy dressing gown, it’s easy to drift off to a soundscape of free-flowing water and subterranean fairy tale. Hands and arms stretched out in swimming motions lead by the therapist, my muscles become warm and relaxed, and I release built-up tension from my shoulders.

Then it’s time for a private soak in the free-standing bath, drawn by my therapist. Alone and immersed in poetry from the soundtrack, I lower myself into the luxurious, steaming waters and release a bespoke Crystal Ball bath bomb designed for the treatment. Packed full of epsom salts with a heady heart of sandalwood oils, olibanum oil and ho wood oil, this gently fizzing blend also contains a bath light, which gently illuminates the water. Lying back on a lavender-infused muslin bath pillow, I drift, listening to the words of a storyteller against a backdrop of rippling water.

It’s difficult to keep track of the time.

“Time to get out,” suggests a voice, gently. I oblige, wrapping up in a heated towel and climbing into bed, before my therapist re-enters the room.

Then, comfortable on a heated bed with a soft sheet wrapped around my body, the side-lying massage begins. Cuddling an elongated pillow, I drift in and out of sleep as my therapist works hot oils up and down each side of my body, legs, arms and back. Her movements are like water, and the side-lying position more comforting that I could ever imagine. When I awake, it’s from what feels like a sleep of a hundred years.

“Welcome back to your day,” says a voice on the soundtrack.

"When can I book in again?" I wonder.

The Tales Of Bath spa treatment is available in all Lush Spas. Find out more here.



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