This Father's Day (2017) the Oscar goes to... Dad

Enjoy Father’s Day 2017 with your favourite film buff.

Not even Superman can save your Dad from the wild and fancy treasures that have arrived for Father’s day. Whether you have an action-packed day planned or just a chilled one, why not finish the occasion off with a fresh, handmade game of movie charades? Create your own family-friendly motion picture by splitting into two teams, Superheroes Vs Smugglers, and battling it out for glory.

You will need:

One or two dads

A Knot Wrap

Selection of your favourite goodies

The Good, the Bad and the Fun

There’s a tangfastic chunk of Fun waiting to be moulded into characters and sculptures inside the WILD! gift set, (plus lemon and lime oils are cleansing and uplifting, just in case you do lose the game). Monsters And Aliens and Sea Monster Fun are ideal if you’ve pulled the horror card, while Rainbow Fun could build the perfect ruby red slippers and you’ll still have plenty of colours left over! These self-preserving and multipurpose moulds can be used for an all round pamper; washing your hair and body and even shaving! Plus, ten pence from every 200g of Fun funds children’s projects in areas affected by the 2011 tsunami and nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan.

With great bath bombs, come great baths

Take a leap of faith with the Superdad bath bomb to soak your dad in the bathtub. The smoky sandalwood and guaiac wood haze will leave him feeling relaxed after an intense game of charades. It’s a slow burner, but one worth waiting for once you see the reds and blues unleashed. If dad is into his cocktails, crumble some Modfather bubble bar in there - Brazilian orange oil makes it the ultimate refresher!

There’s a whole bath of cocktails ready to sip into. Why not create your own Darth Bather with Intergalactic bath bomb and Big Bang bubble bar? The minty fumes will have you orbiting Jakku in no time! However, if you’re prepared to play the Game Of Foams, throw in a Dragon’s Egg with cheeky dash of Lord Of Misrule shower gel for an explosive and winning bathtime combination. 

Use these treats as props to help your teammates guess the movie. Remember, no sounds allowed but smells can definitely evoke an idea…

Bohemian Wrap-sody

The possibilities are endless with Knot Wraps. They come in all colours and sizes and some are vintage blasts from the past. Get artsy with your dad with the exclusive Mark Knot Wrap. Use it as a sustainable way to wrap gifts, a hair accessory or spice up a suit by making it into a square pocket. Mark is a splurge of patterns for a charming man and could be the game changer to your evening of play. For extra jazz, partner it with The Morton Knot Wrap if dad is in need of a theatrical hand.

When the credits have rolled

After all this excitement, it’s time to sooth and zen. Get your dad to indulge in a cloak of warming sandalwood oil with some limited edition Smuggler’s Soul products. He can slide the shampoo bar over his hair to create a musky lather with a lemongrass undertone, then cleanse the day away with reviving bamboo stem extract found in the facial scrub. Finally, top off with the multipurpose cream; packed with luxurious essential jojoba and argan oil, this pampering product can be smoothed over the skin from head to toe.

This Father’s Day...you’re gonna need a bigger bath!




Speedboat Fun

Father's Day Fresh & Fancy

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