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Fighting Animal Testing soap supports: InterNICHE

InterNICHE is an international organisation that works with teachers, students and campaigners to replace animal experiments in education and training. They won the Lush Prize for Training in 2012.

Nick Jukes is the Co-ordinator of InterNICHE, here he explains a bit more about what they do:

We help implement innovative and humane alternative methods – from training mannekins and simulators, to software and virtual reality. In contrast to the killing and harming of animals, alternatives are a reminder that biology is the study of life, and that medicine and veterinary medicine should be about healing not harming.

Alternatives offer educational, ethical and economic advantages over animal experiments. There’s a great momentum for change and alternatives are increasingly being implemented. InterNICHE is playing a unique role in this process internationally by directly replacing animal experiments and helping prepare graduates and professionals for careers in humane science.

The Lush Prize recognises the role of humane education in supporting the transition to humane science – where research and testing is not only humane but uses cutting-edge knowledge and cutting-edge techniques.

Winning the Lush Prize for Training in 2012 was a validation of the InterNICHE vision of 100% replacement, and of the practical achievements by InterNICHE volunteers in making this vision real. Lush gave us the opportunity to further our work and support some important projects and events across the world.

With Lush generously donating the proceeds of the new Fighting Animal Testing soap to InterNICHE, we plan to provide more software alternatives to universities in India and elsewhere. InterNICHE has played a role in stopping zoology dissections in India, and millions of animals have already been saved. Providing alternatives will save even more animal lives and provide some excellent tools for learning – while also opening wider the door to humane science and a humane world.


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