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In the Food Sovereignty Room

Join us in promoting the voices of small producers, food justice activists and local growers. In this room, you can experience the history of our foods through taste, touch and story in The Food Journey. Get skilled up with growing, juicing and preserving workshops.

Photographs courtsey of Tower Hamlets Food Growing Network.

Here’s who and what you’ll find in the Food Sovereignty Room.

Tower Hamlets Food Growing Network

The Tower Hamlets Food Growing Network was formed in response to the resurgence of community food growing activities in the borough. The Network is made up of gardeners of all stripes and is facilitated by a partnership of organisations led by Women's Environmental Network (WEN).

Representatives from the Tower Hamlets Food Growing Network will be talking about the history of food growing in East London and sharing tips for urban gardeners.

May Project Gardens

May Project Gardens was set up to broadly address issues around poverty, economic disempowerment and accessibility. Our key mission is to provide practical, affordable and accessible solutions for urban communities to self-sustain and disengage with power structures that do not serve their interests.

Join May Project Gardens for a workshop on connecting to nature in the Hip Hop Garden.

Abundance Sheffield

GROW SHEFFIELD celebrates, inspires and raises awareness of the benefits of growing, harvesting and sharing food across our communities and city. We are transforming our city into an urban food-growing landscape, based on collaboration, where anyone who wants to has the opportunity, space and support to grow and harvest chemical-free fresh fruit and vegetables. We believe a vibrant, diverse food culture is a vital aspect of our healthy communities.

Abundance Sheffield will be running a juicing workshop in the Food Sovereignty Room. Join them to hear more about reaping the benefits of an urban harvest.

Organic Lea

Our vision is of a socially and environmentally just food system where the means of production and distribution, including access to land, seed and water are controlled not by markets or corporations but by the people themselves. We are working to create just production and trading systems that provide a fair income to food producers and guarantee the rights of communities to access healthy and nutritious food produced using ecologically sound and sustainable methods, a food system existing in a wider context of social justice.

Organic Lea will be talking about how you can integrate food sovereignty principles into growing in London.

Three Acres And A Cow

Three Acres And A Cow connects the Norman Conquest and Peasants’ Revolt with current issues like fracking, the housing crisis and food sovereignty movement via the Enclosures, English Civil War, Irish Land League and Industrial Revolution, drawing a compelling narrative through the radical people’s history of Britain in folk song, stories and poems.

Join Three Acres And A Cow for a music workshop on the topic of ‘A History of Land Rights and Protest in Folk.’

Global Justice Now - Talk

We are a democratic social justice organisation working as part of a global movement to challenge the powerful and create a more just and equal world. We mobilise people in the UK for change, and act in solidarity with those fighting injustice, particularly in the global south.

Join Global Justice Now in the Food Sovereignty Room for a Food Sovereignty FAQ.

Community Centred Knowledge

We are a collective. We are made up of families whose roots take us around the globe.What we bring is a wealth of knowledge and experience, all of them based upon our life stories.

Community Centred Knowledge will be running a workshop on why and how we eat what we do.

Empty Cages Design

Nicole Vosper is an anarchist organiser, agroecologist & designer based in Somerset in the South West of the UK. Her main interest is how to dismantle and replace industrial and animal agriculture with systems that are life-sustaining and liberatory, and she strategically focuses on building agroecology and food autonomy, and resisting prisons and repression.
Come to the Food Sovereignty Room for a film on the topics of permaculture, food sovereignty and veganism.

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