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Fresh without fluoride

Fluoride is a mineral which occurs naturally in some water supplies. It is also found in most dental products on the market.

Many of us brush and gargle with local water daily, and, due to localised fluoridation schemes, we drink and bathe in it too. Lush’s dental products do not contain fluoride. This is simply to give customers more choice when it comes to finding their perfect oral care.

Freshly made, toothpaste tablets, jellies and mouthwash tablets use cleansing ingredients such as sodium bicarbonate, kaolin or sea salt, as well as menthol crystals, peppermint and Sicilian lemon oils to leave your mouth feeling refreshed. Combine these inventive products with a healthy diet and good oral hygiene (that includes flossing, folks) to keep your mouth feeling fresh.

If you choose to use fluoride toothpaste, we would recommend waiting 20 minutes after cleansing before using one of Lush’s solid mouthwash to refresh your breath. If you are using Lush toothpaste tablets or jellies (which do not contain fluoride), you can use the mouthwash tabs straight away.

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Comments (30)


about 1 month ago

Fluoride-haters are worse than flat-earthers. If you want to buy eco-friendly toothpaste tablets from LUSH, you are practically forced into joining a dumb cult. Buy elsewhere.

about 6 months ago

Fluoride? It's a poison. So dentists tell you it's good for your teeth. Do you believe that? They also tell you mercury fillings are fine. I have been ill - very ill - all my adult life because of mercury fillings which dentists have to take care to dispose of very carefully because of extreme toxicity. So dangerous to handle, but fine to put into people's mouths? If you believe this business about fluoride, you are being deceived.

about 6 months ago

...you do know that all mineralised parts of the human body naturally contain fluorides, and that a number of key enzymatic reactions are impossible without them, right? At the doses found in oral products and water fluoridation you cannot reach chronic toxicity levels, never mind acute ones - it's easier to poison oneself with ground nutmeg.

dr acu

about 10 months ago

If you are determined to provide “choice”, why not have a fluoride and fluoride-free range? There are plenty of fluoride-free dental products already on the market, many of which are in tablet form and from ethical brands. The vast majority of dentists, doctors and scientists agree that fluoride (in the quantities found in water and dental products) is SAFE and reduces risk of tooth decay. https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/Fluoride/ This is spelt out clearly by the NHS, WHO, CDC and every other valid source of health information. I worry that well-intentioned people may convert from using fluoride-containing products to LUSH products (perhaps without reading the ingredients list) to the detriment of their dental health. We are so lucky in the developed world to have widespread access to fluoridated toothpaste and it is a real shame that LUSH have decided to go against the evidence base. In my opinion, LUSH currently can’t compete with DENTTABS which sells toothpaste tablets containing fluoride and are also sold in compostable cornstarch-coated paper packaging. I’d love to convert to LUSH dental care products but would definitely wait until the products contain fluoride and are packaged more sustainably.

about 1 year ago

I have been using the toothie tabs since they launched, and absolutely love them. Since I have had concerns about them not containing fluoride, i brought my bottle to the dentist a few years back. It should be mentioned that my teeth are rather easily maintained, but I am a type 1 diabetic and my oral health is definately not easy. :) First of all my dentist said my teeth were in splendid condition. He also said that the ingredients in my toothpaste (Dirty, that was) were an absolutely genious combo. He specified the use of cream of tartar as an excellent agent to prevent buildups of hardened plaque - at least if used before builups start. I have seen the same dentist a couple times since, and he says he isnt worried about my teeth at all. Also I love that these are sls free, as sls in toothpaste is a real problem for people who get sore gums and blisters easily. And one last thing: fluoride doesnt actually clean your teeth. Fluoride helps healing small/early stages of cavities, and I agree I wouldnt mind if Lush added it to their toothietabs. But excellent cleaning and flossing is key here, folks! :)

[email protected]_2

about 1 year ago

Just joining the chorus to make these with fluoride please! My dentist said and I quote "It doesn't matter what brand you use, just make sure it contains fluoride, minimum 1450ppm". She even puts me on prescription grade 5000ppm toothpaste to use once a day. I'd rather go on the advice of a medical professional than a cosmetics company.

about 1 year ago

Hi, I would love to see some options containing flouride too. Finding cruelty free, recyclable dental care WITH flouride is near impossible. Please give us a choice by offering a flouride product


about 1 year ago

I know everyone is upset with the fluoride free products but I am very glad you guys have fluoride free. I have a skin condition (diagnosed by a dermatologist) flair ups can be trigger by fluoride in toothpaste. Flair-ups that take months to clear back up. Thank you for having this as an option

about 1 year ago

This fluoride-free-nonsense is exactly the reason why I avoid Lush' denrltal products. I really would like to use them, but definitely not, if they don't contain fluoride. As Elina correctly said: anti-fluoride-foil-hat-movement.


about 1 year ago

I defenitely agree with the people in the comments. Lush could make 1-2 flouride free dental product, instead of a whole range most people will not be interested in using. The anti flouride foil hat movement is very hurtful and I see people brush their kids teeth with stuff like coconut oil due to this consperacy against floride... :(
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