Fresh without fluoride

Fluoride is a mineral which occurs naturally in some water supplies.

Many of us brush and gargle with local water daily, and, due to localised fluoridation schemes, we drink and bathe in it too. Lush toothy tabs, powders and mouthwashes do not contain fluoride. This is simply to give customers more choice when it comes to finding their perfect dental products.

Freshly made, solid tabs, loose powders and fizzing mouthwashes use cleansing ingredients such as sodium bicarbonate, kaolin or sea salt, as well as menthol crystals, peppermint and Sicilian lemon oils to leave your mouth feeling refreshed. Combine these inventive tabs, powders and mouthwashes with a healthy diet and good oral hygiene (that includes flossing, folks) to keep your mouth feeling fresh.

Lush mouthwash tabs can be used to refresh the breath in combination with a fluoride toothpaste if you choose. We would recommend waiting 20 minutes after cleaning with fluoride toothpaste before using a solid mouthwash. This is the recommended length of time, which should be left between cleaning the teeth and swilling with water or mouthwash. If you are using Lush toothy tabs or powders (which do not contain fluoride), you can use the mouthwash tabs straight away.

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about 1 month ago

I’m really disappointed in this. Only a few areas in the UK fluoridate their water and it’s absolutly key to good dental health. I actually had a member of staff tell me in store today that our water contains fluoride (when it doesn’t) and it’s hugely worrying that he may have told other customers this and their dental health may be negatively affected. Come on lush - I love your stuff and really want to reduce my plastic. But less fluoride = poorer dental health = more dental treatment = more single use plastic at the dentist. Please make fluoridated options and give accurate local advice in stores.

Lush Customer Care

about 1 month ago


Thank you for your comment. Please can you let me know which store this happened in and I will pass this on to the store manager. You may find this article interesting - https://uk.lush.com/article/fresh-without-fluoride-0. We like to give customers flouride-free options, as there are so many flouride options available elsewhere. Thanks, Laura


about 1 month ago

Would you guys add optional fluoride versions of these, just like you guys do with alcohol in the face scrubs? Would love to start using these again


about 1 month ago

I'd love a fluoride version :)

about 2 months ago

I'm looking for a solid toothpaste product without the unrecyclable plastic tube. I want a product containing fluoride and Lush limits my choice by not providing the option. Brushing and then spitting a fluoride tooth care product prevents is safe. If I have to source fluoride drops then I add plastic to the dental care waste stream, not reduce it, irrespective of whether it's recyclable or not.

about 3 months ago

Only supplying these without Fluorine is NOT offering us a choice. It’s a bit anti-science and chemical phobic to be honest and not what I hope for from Lush. Great on plastic free but I would only buy a fluoride version. NO reason not to have it in there. Ask any dentist!


about 2 months ago

I agree, fluoride should definitely be added! Its common sense.

hie baby

about 2 months ago

have you even researched into what fluoride does to you?


about 3 months ago

Honestly, this would be perfect for travel. But given how sensitive my teeth are and how my dentist can't seem to stress fluoride enough for me. (Seriously shes put me on prescription grade fluoride toothpaste) Unfortunately unless LUSH makes a fluoride version I won't be able to purchase.


about 3 months ago

Just found out about lushes fluoride tablets and was exited to try them. Unfortunetly as a dental nurse I know how much fluoride benifits our teeth and where I live there is no fluoride in our water supply. Hopefully lush will take out a range containing fluoride as this is something I would definitely use!