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Funding innovation and education

Previous Lush Prize winner and human cell researcher, Carol Barker, discusses the failings of animal testing and the work of her company in developing cruelty-free alternatives in the cosmetics industry.

A co-founder of cell-research company, XCellR8, Carol is keen to address the misconception that animal-testing is more reliable than alternative methods. She explains "the majority of animal-test data has turned out to not be predictive of what is happening in the human," and that this has serious consequences in industries such as pharmaceuticals, due to the number of clinical trials which fail after the success of an inital animal test. 

Importantly, the XCellR8 lab is GLP (Good Lab Practice) accredited, meaning they can provide safety data to the government, and share the benefits and effects of their research. This rating gives credit to the developments they make and means they can provide an authoritative voice in the industry. Their work benefits many industries including the scientific and academic, and helps to educate the next generation about safe and reliable alternatives to animal testing. 

Lush Prize Presents XCellR8.txt

"The majority of animal-test data has turned out to be not predictive of what is happening in the human."

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