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The future of Lush non animal testing policy

Where next for our non-animal testing policy

We are currently being thrown into a new situation, where recent legislation will make it harder for us to stick to our policy.

For the past 17 years we have built Lush within the current laws, which were such that there was scope for cruelty free company’s to operate within the guidelines

The new REACH chemical legislation passed by the European Parliament puts very strict non-animal testing policies like Lush’s under pressure. Our suppliers could be forced by the new laws to be involved in third party testing in order to comply with new requirements.

We think that the public would never wish for new legislation to take things a step backwards regarding animal testing. Lush fought the REACH legislation throughout its journey through the European Parliament process, along with many animal protection groups who also fought this.

We asked that the legislation not be passed until it could guarantee that NO ANIMAL TESTING would be required under the new framework. Sadly it did pass into law with the animal testing still in place.

Lush has vowed to continue lobbying the European Parliament, until ANIMAL TESTING IS TAKEN OUT OF THE REACH LEGISLATION.

Where REACH compromises our policy – we will publish that information and say which chemicals REACH has caused the ingredients industry to test on animals.

We will hold on until one day, our policy will be free from threat again. We hope that that day will also see animals fully protected by robust laws, which make voluntary codes and humane schemes no longer required.

We think the public demand this – and we think the animals deserve nothing less.




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