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Gay is OK: Get involved

#GayIsOk: Join the movement.

All Out and Lush created the #GayIsOk campaign in July 2015 and you joined one of the biggest LGBT conversations ever to be held on social media. Direct campaign messages about #GayIsOk had a social reach of 30 million. After the US Supreme Court ruled on marriage equality, the hashtag #GayIsOK reached a further 40 million and the LGBT conversation lit up computer networks across the world. 

You also picked up and lathered with 107,479 sparkly gold bars of Love Soap. Even though over 80 Lush shops couldn’t sell the soap due to anti-gay legislation in their countries, thousands joined the cause and held out hands of support to LGBT people everywhere. The Love Fund swelled to a total of £275,955.

‘Time and again we’ve seen how, with enough resources, activists do incredible work to change laws and shift hearts and minds towards full equality,’ said Andre Banks, Executive Director and co-founder of All Out, a global organization with over 2 million members. ‘Too often, activists are isolated and underfunded, but the #GayIsOK campaign has brought a massive new audience to their work also crucial funds to help them succeed.’


What’s next?


The extraordinary Love Fund total will now be donated in grants of £100-£10,000 to grassroots groups, collectives, charities, communities and activists working towards equality laws, acceptance and inclusion for LGBT individuals.

The Love Fund Panel - made up of members of All Out, Lush and independent LGBT activists - will come together to allocate funds. They are hoping to attract applications from groups working in areas where anti-LGBT laws are harsh and extreme and where funding is in short supply. If you know a group that fits this description or want to know more about the Love Fund Panel, join us here. 

Support the ongoing work of All Out by signing up to hear more about their campaigns for LGBT rights and visit them on Instagram to see their work in progress.

Thank you for joining the conversation. Let’s keep talking!


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about 4 years ago

Will you offer this product again this year or was last year the one and only? I checked with a Lush in Budapest, but they had no idea what I was speaking about.